Revolution Magazine

What is Revolution? Revolution is the online magazine that I've designed and written myself. It will contain miniatures both designed and created by Games Workshop, which I don't claim to have done, though I myself have bought, painted and photographed these miniatures. It will also contain miniatures I've designed and sculpted myself.

I hope to also feature other peoples sculpts and painted or converted miniatures in each issue, with their permission.

The magazine is a monthly release online item, and will feature battle reports, tutorials, photography, original fiction, and more.

If you'd like some of your miniatures' featured, then contact me via email to, or  drop me a comment.

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Issue 01
Released 31/01/2014

Issue 02
Released: 28/02/2014

Issue 03
To Be Released: To be decided

Issue 04
To Be Released: To be decided

Issue 05
To Be Released: To be decided

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