Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Incoming! What is it?

Now and then, I have a bit of money allocated to being able to buy those things that fall into that which is my hobby. Believe me, it's a long and extensive list that keeps on growing.

This month, I've received three parcels. One from Games Workshop, another from Mantic Games and the last from Bad Squiddo Games. All great places to obtain miniatures and gaming items. Bad Squiddo Games specialise in female miniatures, and why not? They're just as impressive a model, and certainly up to the task of keeping up with the lads in any campaign or scenario. Clicking the company name will bring you to the website.

So, what did I get?


1 x Bloodletters
1 x Chaos Familiars
1 x Dweller in the Dark

Whenever I make a purchase, it is to add to the stories in my head where the battles rage, the heroes fall, and the demons rise to take their places. These guys all fall within a new world and game I am slowly putting together. How I paint them is still to be seen, but after talking to my partner I believe I'll be going for a demonic blue. Along with my orders is the usual GW leaflet that advertises the latest intrigue, this time it's Dawn of War 3. Dawn of War & Dawn of War 2, and their spinoffs were certainly all great, so I can only expect the same for this 3rd main arch extension.


1 x Salamanders

Ah, the Salamanders. I couldn't help but get them. Along with the Dwarves, the Salamanders are my favourite race! Not to be confused with the Lizardmen, or as they are now known, Seraphon. These guys are supposed to be attuned with fire, their very blood is made of flame. And of course, they have fiery personalities to boot! Once more, these are for the new game I'm working on, and will likely be my main group, though the next purchase could definitely tie for favourite. With this purchase I had the addition of booklets that gave me a back story and understanding of the world this race is supposed to be based in, but also a little bit of rules to help me play. There was of course a bit of advertising for other products as well.


1 x Shield Maidens Infantry/Rangers

This is the first time I have ordered from Bad Squiddo Games, and I've got to tell you, it won't be my last. Not only was it a quick dispatch and receipt, but the little personal touches really help to draw a customer in. After all, customer service is sometimes what makes and breaks a deal. Annie has personally put Cheers Annie with a smiley face on her compliment slip, but also dropped in a lovely fruit flavoured tea bag. Maybe it's not everyone's things, but the gesture is kindly appreciated. Then a leaflet showing some of the other miniatures being sold, and a kickstarter as well.

Now these female models I've purchased allow for both melee & crossbow based female warriors to join any willing force who doesn't believe the old superstition that women can't handle things as well as men. These ladies are a welcome addition to my growing collection.


With that said, that's the last of them, I have no doubt that with the depletion of my fund for this month, no more new orders will be coming through until June now. Thankfully, I have several days allocated off in June to work upon all these beauties.

As always, thanks for joining me, and hope you liked the post. If you wish to leave a comment, I'll appreciate it and get back to you. See you next time.

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