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Reclamation of Stone Part 3

So, we left off with the Goblin Protectors breaching the fort to assault the Dwarven Archers, whilst Captain Azagin and last of his warriors fought an overwhelming battle. Captain M'rea also was fighting against savage animals known as Minotaurs, who had whittled her unit down to a final member and her.
Let's get back to the battle then.
Captain Xren's Zragga Archers finish off the last of the spiderlings with axes, not being able to fire into the combat itself. This frees them up to choose who they wish to offer assistance to. In the fort, one dwarf and one goblin have fallen, the close combat weakened archers not able to quickly dispatch of the Goblins, whilst Dwarven armour proves tough to bypass.

Captain M'rea watches as the last of her dwarves fall from a strike back, and she herself takes a wound. Azagin however now assaults Grinnah alongside the last of his unit. Deciding to try and whittle the goblins down from behind, the archers reposition themselves, and the battle in the fort continues.

Captain M'rea falls without managing to inflict any further wounds. Her eagerness to attack is her undoing, and the minotaurs look for their next prey.

Quick overview of the Battle.

One Goblin falls, but Grinnahs twin whip is enough to keep the two dwarves at bay.

Captain Zed leads his unit in a volley against the rear unengaged goblins, taking down two of them, but Grinnah responds by killing the last of Azagin's dwarves.

The remaining Goblin throws himself at Azagin, and whilst he falls to a flash of steel, Grinnah manages to inflict two wounds on the Captain in exchange for one of his own. This brings an end to the devastating might of the Dwarven Warriors, who not without assistance, took out a chunk of the goblins.

A brutal battle ensues in the fort, but the archers come off the better, Captain T'gren shouting for his men to redirect their bows at the towering Minotaurs before they can mow down their allies. Allas, their arrows do not find their mark, and the Minotaurs slam into the dwarves. Fate is funny however, as the Minotaurs had walked to their doom, the dwarves and their axes and knives cutting hamstrings from their enemies, ducking under huge axe swings that would no doubt take a head clean off.

Fate is not only funny, but it is cruel. Grinnah is laid low by an arrow, only for the unit to roll a 3, meaning the whole unit came back on again. With the Minotaurs gone, the dwarves were ready to take on the scurrying goblins, arrow after arrow strips the Goblins numbers before the two forces clashed, archers falling in number whilst the goblins fell in even greater mass.

Indeed, at the end of it, only Grinnah and one Goblin Warrior still remained. It did not take long for them to inflict 3 wounds upon the sealed stone gate, crumbling it to ruin. This however opened them up to the fury of the remaining Zragga Archers.

Almost immediately Grinnah finds himself alone, but ploughs on undaunted. Twin whips rip into the armour of the dwarves, bring their number down to match Grinnah's own, though he receives a wound in the process. 

At the end of the battle, though I can tell you it lasted several turns, Grinnah is left victories, and the dwarves are either dead, dying or wounded to an extent that they are believed deceased.
I really enjoyed the battle. I was a little annoyed I had put in the rule where once the Goblin Warrior unit is fully destroyed, on a 3+ it will come back. If not for this, the Dwarves would have won. I'm a big Dwarf fan, so although I don't play one sided, I really wanted them to win.
At times I was amazed on how long certain models survived. In fact, Captain M'rea I though would have died quite quickly, and especially the Dwarven Archers nearing the end. Dwarven bravery seems to be quite the stuff, though it was not enough to win them the game.
Grinnah didn't see too much battle before he died the first time. He was more at the rear to allow others to destroy the Dwarves until the numbers were failing and he was needed. Even when he led from the front on the second attempt, it was barely enough to win him the battle.
But that's it for now. I'm looking forward to getting some more battle reports up, though maybe smaller ones for the next few reports. As always, thanks for reading/viewing, I hope you enjoyed.

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