Thursday, 10 September 2015

Reclamation of Stone Part 2

And so we come to the next post for the Reclamation of Stone. We left off with Azagin and his final warrior trying to hold back the goblins who had wiped out the rest of his unit, and nearly all of Zed's unit. A valiant attempt by the dwarves, showing just how resolute they are.

Despite the overwhelming numbers, these two dwarves, Azagin on the left hand side, hold their own, knowing that after finishing off their comrades, the Goblins will be looking to either attack the base, or surround them.

The archers continue to whittle down the Blood Drop Spiderlings, killing one swarm, before any losses are incurred on their side.

The Goblin Protectors decide the Archers are the more dangerous of their foes, deciding to leave the dwarven warriors to their lesser equipped kin, and close in on the lone archer. You may be wondering what the archer is doing there. There's 8 in a unit, and only 6 can fit on the top rampart, so keeping within 2 inches of an unit member, I used the last two to get one out the fort, allowing me to use 7 archers from the unit.

Finally the Blood Drop Spider and the last of the spiderling swarms manage to reach the dwarves and plough into them. The die saying 6 should be 3. I deleted the picture with the correct die showing by accident. Only just noticed.
Of course, Captain M'rea and her unit are still engaged with the Minotaur unit, and with every strike back, it seems that a Dwarf is now dropping, though M'rea herself has held fast.

The last of the Dwarven Warriors start to get surrounded, mace blows rain down towards the Goblins, but they are quick, and soon Captain Zed falls to crudely fashioned weapons, that are no less deadly. The archer has also fallen, meaning that the gateway will remain open for one turn, due to the archer using it. Unfortunately this gives the Goblin Protectors a clear path to those inside.

The Blood Drop Spider falls to a dwarven attack and then a strike back, whilst both spiderling swarms dwindle. The biggest achievement however is the death of a Minotaur, and an additional wound to another, M'rea now using cold hard rage at the death of her subordinates.

One Zragga Warrior remains from Captain Zed's unit, whilst Azagin and his unit member turn to finish off those Goblins still assailing them.

Captain M'rea and her last remaining unit member fight with ferocity against the two Minotaurs, inflicting the first wound on the brown, whilst another spiderling swarm is completely destroyed.

At first Captain Azagin growls in triumph, having cleared the last of the Goblins near him, however he realises that having severed the need to be spread out and keep a 2" connection between allied models less they lose morale, he has allowed the Goblins to completely surround the last of Zed's unit. Though he fights bravely, deflecting and dodging blows, the lone dwarf is brought low by the twin whip of Grinnah,
In the fort however, the Goblin Protectors are not having as easy a time as they thought they would with the Dwarf Archers. After inflicting 3 wounds on the gate, bringing it to ruin, they had hoped to assail the dwarves whilst their backs were still turned, but it was not enough.
Find out how this battle ends in the 3rd and final post for Reclamation of Stone, this week. Thank you for reading/viewing. Hope you enjoyed. Tried to keep it a little shorter this time.

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