Monday, 7 September 2015

Reclamation of Stone Part 1

The Dwarves of Zragga match their might against the Goblin Hordes. I still have yet to bestow a faction name upon the Goblins, but Goblin Hordes seems as good as any. It was a battle that lasted 3 evenings, and came literally down to a Goblin and Dwarf.
The Battle Report will be a 3 part post, as I want to get as much pictures in this as possible, and cut down the 300+ pictures I'd taken to just under 100.
Goblin forces have been strong lately around the ruins of Val'thor, a temple to a humans god, which sported a Dwarven Warrior statue inside as well. Whilst the temple itself now lies in almost indistinguishable ruins, the dwarven statue still precedes upon the top of the temple altar, watching vigilantly over where the masses would have been.
It was portrayal of the once great bonds between man and dwarf, which has now slowly declined. A dwarven party had previously set forth to reclaim it, but only one returned, broken and battered. With a whisper from his lips, the Dwarves realised the threat rising, and sent for reinforcements.
An unknown captain was the first to respond, turning up at the stronghold ready to lend his assistance. Word spread of Captain Azagin and Captain M'rea heading toward the scene, but they would yet be able to make it.
And soon, a Goblin unit had scurried forth, quickly building a small stronghold of their own despite arrow fire from the current unit stationed within the walls of the fort. And so, the battle was to begin to reclaim both the lost Zragga flag of the unit who'd been decimated, and the statue.
The Dwarven force was made up of 3 x Zragga Warriors Units (units contain 6 warriors, led by a captain), 2 x Zragga Bowmen Units (units contain 7 bowmen, led by a captain).
Captain Azagin, Captain M'rea, Captain T'Gren and two yet to be named captains were in the lineup, ready to show the fury of the Dwarves to the scurrying cowards known as Goblins. Though, these Goblins certainly showed no fear in facing down their adversaries. With overwhelming numbers, it was no real surprise however.
The Goblin force was made up of 2 x Goblin Warrior U(units contain 18 goblin warriors, led by a captain), 1 x Minotaur Unit (Contains 3 minotaur and a minotaur beast), 1 Blood Drop Spider Brood (Contains 3 Blood Drop Spiderling Swarms and a Blood Drop Spider), 1 Goblin Protector Unit (contains 3 protector spearmen and 2 protector swordsmen).
Deployment Rules
Only 1 Zragga Warrior Unit may start on the table, in their stronghold.
All Zragga units must enter on the table via their stronghold.
Only 1 Goblin Warrior Unit may start on the table, in their stronghold.
All Goblin based units must come in from the Goblin Cave when entering the table.
Minotaur unit must enter in the rocky segment of the battlefield.
Blood Drop Spider Brood must enter from the grassy segment of the battlefield.
Special Rules
Once a Goblin Warrior Unit has been completely destroyed, roll a die, on a 3+ it arrives back on the battlefield as a new unit would.
When carrying the Dwarven Statue, Dwarves can only move half their normal speed.
If the Goblin force is wiped out, and the statue, or flag are still available, it is counted as being taken back to the Dwarven Stronghold.
Dwarven Statue has statline of - S: 2" C: S D: 6 W: 3
Dwarven Gate - C: S D: 6 W: 3
Dwarves must reclaim the Dwarven Statue and bring back to their stronghold.
Dwarves must reclaim lost flag and return to their stronghold.
Goblins must destroy the Dwarven Statue.
Goblins must destroy the Dwarven Force.
The Battle
The unknown Captain reveals his name to be Zed, and begins his leave from the base. He hopes to secure the statue, but knows he may have a hard time of it, as goblins move faster, and the Dwarven gateway means a better defence, but longer run.
Nearby the Goblin's have amassed and soon begin their rush from their quickly built base. First on their list is also the statue.
Captain M'rea arrives and immediately sets off to take her place on the field, whilst Captain T'gren arrives with the first unit of Zragga Bowmen, taking up positions on the ramparts. It is they who first begin to try and shave off the numbers of Goblins whilst they are still just a unit, but none fall to their first volley.

The Goblins of course are growing ever closer to the statue, already they are scampering around the rubble of the old temple ruins when Captain Azagin arrives upon the field.

It would do everyone well to know that Goblins in The Shadow Beckons ruleset (my own rules) move at Speed: 5" whilst Dwarves only move at Speed: 4" so every turn will give more range to the Goblins if they are not stopped.

As you can see here however, already the front runners of the unit had scaled the crumbling steps and reached the altar, snickering as they began the first attack. To make things worse, the Goblin Protectors had arrived now too. Though they would not be in the battle for quite some time, they were another threat, which were more hard hitting, and protected than the Goblin Warriors.

When Captain Zed and his Zragga Warriors reach the rear of the Goblin line, they tear into them with gusto. The number of Goblins mean that no matter the number they slay, another Goblin steps into the gap.

Arrow fire from the walls and a newly arrived unit of Zragga Bowmen, lead by Captain Xren, cut down several Goblins.

Seeing the threat dwindling, and knowing they could not push through the archway with their fellow dwarves before them, Captain M'rea orders her unit to begin their march toward the flag. Unbeknownst to her, it will be a costly decision that benefits her allies, but inevitably is her undoing.

With the Goblin Protectors moving up the lower segment of the table, and the potential for enemies to move in from there, Captain Azagin moves to cut down the Goblins and hopefully seal the direction off.
A cry of anger rises from the Dwarves as the statue crumbles, its 3 wounds spent from the continuous barrage of Goblin assaults.

From the distance another Goblin Warrior unit exits the dark, led by Grinnah, whilst a Blood Drop Spider Brood appears, drawn to the tremors of battle.

Zed and his unit kill many goblins, but their number is now also dwindling. Both Zed and the Goblin Captain have also received a wound, meaning one remains.

Beastial roars can be heard as the Minotaur unit arrives around the Zragga flag. And though not fully painted, they are a fierce breed.
 The Goblin Protectors are almost there now that most of the initial Goblin Warrior unit is dispatched. And as previously decided, Captain Azagin deploys his unit to hold the position.

Captain M'rea however is still determined to get to the flag and continues forth.
The Horde is amassing

Dwarves and Goblins clash along the line

The battle had begun with the Minotaurs, whilst Captain Azagin and Captain Zed found their forces being overwhelmed, despite backup from the arrows of the two Zragga Bowmen. Fiercely stubborn, the Dwarves stood their ground, and slew one after another of their foe, but chinks in armour, fatigue and just sheer murderous drive, worked in unison with the Goblins, and many Dwarves of Zragga were lain low.

Already Captain M'rea found her unit cut down to three warriors and herself, and breathed a slight relief knowing the Blood Drop Spider Brood was bypassing her. They were after Captain Xren, not wanting to leave the archers open to long distance attacks.

Only Captain Azagin and a Zragga Warrior now stand in this segment, though some of their unit still yet lives, holding their line despite the odds. Captain M'rea fights as if possessed by demons, fending off axe blows and tusks, whilst inflicting a wound on the Minotaur Beast. One more of her units number is killed however.

Back at the arch, the Dwarves are almost culled to a number, though Captain Zed is still fighting fiercely, and is glad he can count on Captain Azagin to hold his own area. Both Captains truly show their worth alongside their warriors, and it is no surprise why the Goblins have not just bypassed these Dwarves to try and swarm into the stronghold yet.
The Spiderling swarms try to overwhelm the Zragga bowmen (archers actually), but find that even Dwarves wielding bows are no cowards, and thus the spiders begin to dwindle.
So far, the battle has seen a large death toll on both sides. It was great to see that both forces really used their strengths. Dwarves having a good defence held ground, or slowed enemies, whilst the Goblins simply tried to surround, or used their numbers to make sure they were always within 2" of a an unit member. This stopped them from suffering from morale issues.
But once again, this is the end of the post for now. As you know, this battle was to be a 3 part post, so please look forward to seeing the 2nd part during the week.
Thanks for reading.