Friday, 4 September 2015

Dawn of a new Chapter

The Rhinoceraptors are a recently formed Chapter, descending from the gene seed of the Blood Angels.
Unlike other chapters descending from the Gene Seed of Sanguinius, the Rhinoceraptors do not have a Sanguinary Guard as of yet. This was decided by the young Chapter Master, who had a vision claimed to be from Sanguinius himself, stating that their chapter was too young, and a time would come when they would be ready to honour the memory of the Sanguinary Guard, but until that time, to keep the unit absent from their force.

Just a tiny bit about the Space Marine Chapter I'm working on. Their actual story won't really be furthered until games are played though, as they are supposed to be basically training up their forces, and doing a few accompanying missions with the Blood Angels. They will be taking part in the defence of the sector too, but it should be noted, their home world will be further afield.

Currently, have two colour scheme ideas, but leaning towards the white. Not only that, but it also at least has some common ground with other colour schemes of these type of chapters.

Do bare in mind that these have only simply been painted to check which of the schemes I would prefer. I haven't done the eyes, and little details etc, although I know the eyes will be yellow on the blue scheme and red on the white.

Two choices here, the first leaves the knee and elbow pad pure white. Second, makes these small areas also incorporate the red black design. I feel it gets too clustered though, so have opted for the prior if I go with this white scheme.
Finally, just quick rear view of white scheme.

Still working on chapter symbol. As I'm not the greatest of painters, it needs to be simple enough that I can easily recreate it on all my space marine models. I feel like this will be one of the most difficult parts of the army. Despite this, I feel I can rise to such a challenge as long as I put my mind to it.

For now this is the end of this post. I hope to have some updates. I have another space marine chapter, which I will talk about in another post, but these have not been painted by me, apart from touch ups to move them away from the Blood Angels Iconography, as they are from a different Primarch geneseed.


  1. Good job and very interesting scheme!

    1. Thanks Luca, as I'm working on my Lord of the Rings figures currently, still have time to potentially come up with more if I feel something else may be more suitable. But currently more set toward going with the white.

  2. the white scheme looks neat. i'd go with that. also just open up MS paint (i use windows/microsoft, you might not idk) mess around with geometic shapes and presto you have a chapter symbol that is easily represented on miniatures. do you have a name for them? or are you waiting for a icon/symbol an then figure it out from there? either way the black one looks kinda bland.

    1. I agree the black and blue is pretty generic really. The white isn't too spectacular, but I feel it's different. In fact, the idea came when I saw a car on the road with the white body, red inner line and black edging lol.

      I'm thinking of the Rhinoceraptors. I'm not 100% set on that yet. If I have that name, it's likely I'll be trying for a rhino potentially raptor, variant head symbol.

      Yeah, I use windows, I will definitely have a go. See what may be simple, yet unique.
      Thanks for commenting.