Friday, 16 October 2015

Just a Terrain Catch Up

I've worked on this large cliff bridge recently. Composed of three separate pieces, so it can store better, I think it'll be a great focus point for battles, where it could be a fight to hold the enemy at bay so they can't cross. It will also be great to see enemies fighting on top, whilst others are going beneath.


Here's a small fort, simply put together to hold a few units so they can fight off a larger force. The plan is to actually have a few bigger and smaller versions, so they can actually be tiered, and provide a great progress feature in a battle. I'd also love a segment with a roof, that can be removed, so that a fight can move into the building itself.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Destroyed Rhino

During trying to remove paint from a overly painted Rhino, I ended up leaving it in the solution too long, which basically warped the plastic. As I don't really like vehicles anyway, I decided to break it apart for use as a terrain piece.

Currently I've just positioned everything in a way I feel is slightly appeasing to the eyes, and I'm thinking of getting some putty to actually build up around the parts etc.

A severed leg under the door hatch
More severed body parts, just in places that I feel would look great. The arm with the cannon I think I'll have to tweak a bit. Potentially clip the cannon away, and sculpt a finger just managing to keep a final grasp on the weapon in death.
But just another thing looking to get done.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Wraiths of the Shadow

So, I've been working on some new miniatures for an army I want to make. The army will be playable in my games of 40k and also in The Shadow Beckons. I will go into background history of them etc in the future once I get to a certain level of miniatures and painting, but for now, these guys are just Wraiths. Will be looking into a cooler name, but Wraiths for now give enough of the picture.
These have been based on the miniature below, which was made from remodelling and sculpting a Red Eyes Black Dragon model.
The base is not complete, as I'm trying out a smokey affect, based on a youtube video which used compressed foliage. I'm hoping that although it isn't the usual smokey colours, it still will look right on this.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Velocity Test Match

Just a quick one here guys. During my time in Birmingham, had a quick test game of Velocity with Pradeep. My time is the white and green, his was the yellow and orange. It was quite long, not just due to having to explain the game thorough to Pradeep, but because of my lack of preparation with finishing the board appropriately with segment markings.

The eventual end of the game saw Pradeep win the first round at 6 to 3. and a 4 to 4 draw in the second round. We did not go onto finish the 2nd or 3rd round as time was progressing quickly.

My thoughts on the game is that it has potential and is fun. However, I think I need to make two modes. The game progresses to where players gain skills that will undoubtedly speed up the rate of getting the ball etc, but whilst they are just basic players, it is a long process.

My thoughts are have the two modes, the first is Novice, where each round is simply up to 2 points. Making it nice and quick, even when there is constant back and forth, which was the case when Jade and my Dad had their match. Boy was that a long game.

The second mode would be Standard, so now that at least 3 players had their first Personality profile, it would be 3 x 4 point rounds. This meant it would help to keep the games a good timeframe. even with the better skills.

Potentially I will add a 3rd mode, Professional, which would use the 6 point rounds as originally intended. If this mode was added, it would require either at least 5 players having their Personality Profile, or 3 players having their 2nd skill/trait from their Personality Profile activated.

I will be marking the outer segments however with R1 to R7 and C1 to C5 respectively, to make it easier for players to know the segments. We had a lot of fun trying to remember.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Tree Enclosure

Just a quick look at some scenery I've been working on. Simplistic, but looks really nice in my opinion. I love the colours.

Feel free to leave links to your own scenery in the comment section.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Let's Race

Here's the first race for Zenith. Myself, Jade, Dad and friend Pradeep all took part. It was a good game, pointing out a few confusing play points of the game, allowing me to tweak the way a few things work.
Just quick overview of the  teams.
Nathan - two white cars.
Jade - two pink transition cars.
Dad - two half purple, half orange cars.
Pradeep - two purple cars with orange stripe.
Quick Explanation
Each Manager (those who move the car teams), chose a starting stat line profile for each of their cars, from Predator, Climber, Drifter, Basic. Due to the fact no one had any experience points, these only made minor tweaks to the stats.
Now, everyone can move D6 spots during any normal movement. However, when coming off starting line, or move directly after a crash or directly after leaving a corner, you must use your acceleration stat. In addition, other stats include drift, corner which can affect how far you slide if you wish to move more than 4 spots during being on a corner.
I won't go over that here, but will in a later post. Please visit the Zenith Community Page to see some basic profiles (ignore the Gear Shift stat, as it has now been changed to D6 movement).
Now quickly, because all Managers have two cars, they choose one to start on the front row, and the second starts on last row. At the beginning, it is automatic that those in the front row will go first. But once some space has opened up, a roll is made to see which of the cars the Manager moves first. This can affect blocks and so on.
A manager doesn't get to move one car, then immediately the second, as each Manager will move their first car in order of roll, and then once first cars are done, their second car will then be moved.
So, I missed taking a starting line picture, but lets get into the race.

You can not enter the barrier zone on purpose. These zones are only open if you slide into them as a result of going fast on the corner. Due to the possibility of having a crash if you reach the edge, it is duly avoided.

The great thing about Zenith is that the order doesn't stay the same, meaning that if you have a good roll, you could avoid the crowd, meaning more distance between you and those behind.
With the use of a focus point, you can also add addition movement to your D6 Gear Shift, from your Speed statline. However once all Focus is used up, it can have a negative affect on your car Control.

Unfortunately Pradeep had to retire from the race due to the late hour, which opened up the lanes for both Jade and Dad, who were falling fast behind.

With the distance gained, it was unquestionable that I would now take first place in the race, and potentially Jade would take 2nd. But who would take 3rd?

The tactic of keeping to the inside lane paid off. I'm unsure why Dad didn't move his cars over before I blocked off the lane, but though he had initially been leading out of the back four with both his cars, his lack of decision caused him to utterly lose, and for my second car to gain the lead.

Ultimately I took 1st and 3rd place, whilst Jade took 2nd. This would give experience or nex points usually, but we had not decided on the rewards of the race, and we only managed to do a lap. There usually would be more than one.

The Winning Racers. Oh how mighty they look.
Thus ended the first proper Zenith race I'd played. And I thought it was quite fun actually. Will need to tweak a few things here and there. But once done, I'd love to get a proper rulebook printed to accompany the track and cars.

Thanks for viewing/reading. Hope you enjoyed. See you again.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Reclamation of Stone Part 3

So, we left off with the Goblin Protectors breaching the fort to assault the Dwarven Archers, whilst Captain Azagin and last of his warriors fought an overwhelming battle. Captain M'rea also was fighting against savage animals known as Minotaurs, who had whittled her unit down to a final member and her.
Let's get back to the battle then.
Captain Xren's Zragga Archers finish off the last of the spiderlings with axes, not being able to fire into the combat itself. This frees them up to choose who they wish to offer assistance to. In the fort, one dwarf and one goblin have fallen, the close combat weakened archers not able to quickly dispatch of the Goblins, whilst Dwarven armour proves tough to bypass.

Captain M'rea watches as the last of her dwarves fall from a strike back, and she herself takes a wound. Azagin however now assaults Grinnah alongside the last of his unit. Deciding to try and whittle the goblins down from behind, the archers reposition themselves, and the battle in the fort continues.

Captain M'rea falls without managing to inflict any further wounds. Her eagerness to attack is her undoing, and the minotaurs look for their next prey.

Quick overview of the Battle.

One Goblin falls, but Grinnahs twin whip is enough to keep the two dwarves at bay.

Captain Zed leads his unit in a volley against the rear unengaged goblins, taking down two of them, but Grinnah responds by killing the last of Azagin's dwarves.

The remaining Goblin throws himself at Azagin, and whilst he falls to a flash of steel, Grinnah manages to inflict two wounds on the Captain in exchange for one of his own. This brings an end to the devastating might of the Dwarven Warriors, who not without assistance, took out a chunk of the goblins.

A brutal battle ensues in the fort, but the archers come off the better, Captain T'gren shouting for his men to redirect their bows at the towering Minotaurs before they can mow down their allies. Allas, their arrows do not find their mark, and the Minotaurs slam into the dwarves. Fate is funny however, as the Minotaurs had walked to their doom, the dwarves and their axes and knives cutting hamstrings from their enemies, ducking under huge axe swings that would no doubt take a head clean off.

Fate is not only funny, but it is cruel. Grinnah is laid low by an arrow, only for the unit to roll a 3, meaning the whole unit came back on again. With the Minotaurs gone, the dwarves were ready to take on the scurrying goblins, arrow after arrow strips the Goblins numbers before the two forces clashed, archers falling in number whilst the goblins fell in even greater mass.

Indeed, at the end of it, only Grinnah and one Goblin Warrior still remained. It did not take long for them to inflict 3 wounds upon the sealed stone gate, crumbling it to ruin. This however opened them up to the fury of the remaining Zragga Archers.

Almost immediately Grinnah finds himself alone, but ploughs on undaunted. Twin whips rip into the armour of the dwarves, bring their number down to match Grinnah's own, though he receives a wound in the process. 

At the end of the battle, though I can tell you it lasted several turns, Grinnah is left victories, and the dwarves are either dead, dying or wounded to an extent that they are believed deceased.
I really enjoyed the battle. I was a little annoyed I had put in the rule where once the Goblin Warrior unit is fully destroyed, on a 3+ it will come back. If not for this, the Dwarves would have won. I'm a big Dwarf fan, so although I don't play one sided, I really wanted them to win.
At times I was amazed on how long certain models survived. In fact, Captain M'rea I though would have died quite quickly, and especially the Dwarven Archers nearing the end. Dwarven bravery seems to be quite the stuff, though it was not enough to win them the game.
Grinnah didn't see too much battle before he died the first time. He was more at the rear to allow others to destroy the Dwarves until the numbers were failing and he was needed. Even when he led from the front on the second attempt, it was barely enough to win him the battle.
But that's it for now. I'm looking forward to getting some more battle reports up, though maybe smaller ones for the next few reports. As always, thanks for reading/viewing, I hope you enjoyed.