Sunday, 28 September 2014

Zenith Race Track

Here's a shot of the painted up track sections. Not complete, but on their way to finalisation. In the end I didn't use the tips suggested to me by Luca, as it turned out I would have to engrave it pretty deep with the Stanley knife to leave much of a noticeable mark. And the other suggestion of using a hot glue gun to expand the lines between lanes was certainly out of the question, as the track had been cut specifically measured, meaning the glue would have had to be a hairline really to make it not impact too much on the actual lane spacing.
This was done by basically giving every other lane a light grey paint job before lining the right amount of bases on the dry lanes. Then I painted the lanes that were unpainted and finished adding bases. Next, I spray coated the whole track with a darker grey. Allowing time for it to dry, I then removed the bases and went over any areas of the lighter grey that had been damaged or accidentally coated with some dark grey.
Now what's left to do is paint the danger lines white and red. Not sure what they're actually called in actuality though. Will need to look it up.
The car teams that myself, Jade, Mum and Dad chose for the start of our test game. Unfortunately, with a little tike called Alexander waking up from his nap, we really didn't get to finish it.
Luckily, I planned to test this through long distance gaming anyway, so will restart the whole test game, and will be posting turn by turn so everyone gets the feel of how it runs and the rules as they are now. Remember though, they may change to better suit the game, as is expected.
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