Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Shadow Beckons

If Revolution magazine had run for another Issue, you would have gotten a look at these little critters. These are known as Shadow Bugs. Numerous in number, and like a blight upon any race. A eerie spectre watches from behind a wall, ready to add his claws of shadowy mist to the equation if any foolhardy adventurer comes too close.
I have yet to use these guys in a battle, but their time will come soon enough. My favourite part of these is the lightning like glows on the black craggy bases. A fallen shadow bug, speared through with a crossbow bolt, lays withered next to the remains of a cracked shadow bug shell, its purple essence spilling from its body.

The aim of these guys were to have a sinister race that was numerous in number, ready to plague all other races. In fact, that's where The Shadow Beckons title came from. I hope to make a campaign at some point based on the coming tide of these little blighters and their more larger friends. One where all other races may need to put aside their feuds to hold back the shadow.
What are your thoughts?