Saturday, 6 September 2014

Preview of Cars

And here's an update on the cars. Yes, the Zenith factory is churning out cars now, with 28 basically done, with more to come. With the arrival of my Jigsaw from Argos, I will be able to move on with measuring and drawing out my track on the wood that I bought some time ago.
You'll see that though every car is different, some resemble others, whilst some are completely different. The picture above on the right hand side, with the car furthest to the right, is kind of an abomination. It started off as a 3 wheeler, and now is a 5 wheeler. I'm planning to add more design to it though to see if I can make it look cool.

So, tell me what you think so far, and anyone interested yet in joining in after the test run is complete?


  1. very nice cars, you have much imagination!
    waiting for more.

    1. Thanks Luca. I'm going to try and make the next group more angular, so they seem more car like as well. But I'm not too fussed about that really, as I also want them to be just fun looking cars.