Friday, 12 September 2014

Car Body Paint Job

Hello all! Today the blog posts the same time as the Community, as I've not managed to put anything up due to the breaking of my camera. Not only that, a possible new job is on the horizon coming October.

So, without further rambling, let's show you what's been done.

I really had to do this design. A black body for the car, and flames raising up. I did one flame further up than the other to kind of signify the rivalry between the two drivers too. They obviously are quite hot blooded and want to burn more brightly than the other.

I quite like this. It's simple, but I think this is possibly my favourite paint theme. I love how the orange and purple go together, but I also think the shape of the cars, especially the right hand side one, allow this theme to come off brilliantly. It's not easy to notice, but there's a gradient affect on the purple as well, as it shifts from dark to light.

Thus far the only car with headlights. Kind of dangerous if a race took place at night. Luckily they don't aye? This design reminds me of one of those capsule pills. But once again, it makes use of that lovely purple and orange together.

I first tested out the window sparkle (can't remember what I believe it's called, but the white lines on the glass is what I'm referring to, that show it's a reflective surface) on these two cars. I hadn't even painted the bodies yet, and I thought, hmm, the green really does suit these two. However, I couldn't just leave them with their natural greenstuff look, and painted them green instead.

I really do like this design. Bubbles. It was a bit hard to get the circles, and still they aren't perfect, but I'm really pleased with the outcome. I did feel that maybe a lighter shade of blue for the background may have been more suitable. Who knows now though, as I don't wish to change it.
I feel that the less angular shape of these cars made these themes work quite well in my opinion, but, what's everyone's thoughts on these cars and their paint jobs? Which would you pick for your team?


  1. very nice!
    may i suggest you to paint two of them in full red (Ferrari) and other two in silver (Mercedes)?
    in this way, adding them to your green team (MG), you'll have the three greatest racing teams ever!

    1. Haha, well, that's a good idea. I will certainly do that.
      Thanks Luca.