Saturday, 20 September 2014

Basic Track

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I managed to cut out the corners on the weekend, and can finally put together a track. The only problem is, when I paint it, how will I retain the spacing. I have no intention of putting string or wire down upon the lines so that I retain some measurement when spraying.

However, possibly if I first use a brush to paint one segment, then place the cars along the dried segment before painting the next, and so on, I'll end up with cars lining each segment, meaning I can then move straight into spray painting then and leave the basecoat concealed by the car bases untouched, whilst the rest of the track gets coated.

Well, I'll have to see really though.

By the way, one thing to note is this is only the bare minimum track. So for the racers with low level stats, as obviously it will take longer to complete the race.


  1. i've got two ideas for you: you could engrave the lines in the track or you could use a glue-heating pistol to make them thicker.
    i hope to be useful, anyway, i can't wait to see more!

  2. :O the engraving of the lines idea is a great one. I might just do that. I've already bevelled the guard lines where the cars are meant to stay within, but the lane lines could definitely be done by engraving it. Then I wouldn't need to worry too much about losing these places when spray painting.

    Brilliant idea, Luca! Thanks