Thursday, 21 August 2014

Will the Zragga Dwarves fall?

Beams of light broke through the cotton cloud that eclipsed the sun. It had been a great week so far, though uneventful on the battle front. That was fine with Ailen though, as he couldn't bear to see anymore comrades fall under the stroke of a sword, or the stab of a spear point. Today was set to be another great summers day, when the call of a young dwarf, ahead of the group he was travelling with, called out.

"A shift has opened up a cave!" he cried aloud with excitement.

Ailen snapped out of his dreamlike gaze, and began to approach the advancing group. Giln was beside him as always, though the rest of the unit were currently taking their break at the Rusting Hammer Tavern.

"Ailen! Ailen!" called the young dwarf. It was apparent that he knew him, or of him.

"Yes, young Gilburn?" answered Ailen.

"A new cave has opened!" he smiled as he reached him, not even pausing for breath. "Well, it could have been an old one, just the mouth of the cave opened today. I saw it with my own eyes."

So, the three way battle between the Zragga Dwarves, Goblins and the Murex, is finally over. It was a good battle, done fairly, despite my love of the Dwarves. Of course, after getting the approval of the King, Ailen took his unit to investigate the cave. Unfortunately, they found themselves under attack by goblins. They did not fear the blight ridden creatures, but soon realised a stronger being was stomping toward them. The Goblin King. Little did they know, a terrible rumble could be felt through the kingdom of Zragga, as the Murex descended from their mountains for some reason unknown.

 The Goblin King mowed through the Volucris, Ailen included. Despite all their efforts, only 2 wounds were inflicted upon his colossal form, whilst the Volucris to the rear managed to slay several Goblin Warriors before being stabbed in the back as he faced the Goblin King alone.

The two explorers, Hwad and Gordak found themselves to be the first to feel the brunt of the Murex force, and despite managing to delay their deaths, were soon crushed beneath living rock.

Giant Bats, a Minotaur Beast, a Blood Drop Spider and her three spiderling swarms, joined a unit of Goblin Warriors who set off to destroy the Dwarves. Though the Giant Bats and the Spiders were able to inflict some losses due to their ability to scale or fly over the large fortress wall, they were soon all but killed by the defence they met.

Below, the gates fall to several goblin attacks and the charge of the Minotaur Beast, and soon Azagin, Captain of a unit of Dwarf Warriors, plugs the gap opened, and slays a few goblins before the attacking force fled with the surviving Giant Bat in order to escape the arrival of the Murex.

Countless Dwarves fall before the might of King Brutem of the Murex, before King Zreal himself inflicts the first wound upon the fiery stone, and then finishes him off alongside a Dwarf Warrior. However, he too soon falls as a Gem Knight takes advantage of his injury caused by a blow from their King.

The Goblins manage to hold their ground at their cave entrance, with the Goblin King hurrying to arrive on the scene. But in the end, it is only luck that saves both the Dwarves and Goblins, as the Murex break off their attack, bringing their kings fallen stones to re-animate back within their mountains.




  1. good report and good photos!
    my compliments for the terrain!

    1. Thanks Luca. Hoping to get another bit of terrain painted up tomorrow, as I've had it there for months on end due to my spray paints continuously getting blocked

  2. Fabulous report Nathan and great to see your Murex in action,

    1. Thanks Michael, hoping to get an unseen model sculpt out and into battle for the next one.

  3. Nice report. Great pics as well :)

    1. Thank you Simon, hope you'll be back to see the next one