Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Race to the Peak

Here are the first few cars in their initial stages. Sizes do vary, especially when it comes to how I've done their wheels.

Basically, I'm trying to ways of doing these cars, though all will be used as long as I feel they look good enough for at least Phase 1 of the game.

1st Method - Sculpt the car directly onto the base.

2nd Method - Make the wheels, pin the wheels onto a wire line, then push green stuff down onto the positioned lines, and then smooth and shape how wanted.

You should be able to tell the difference in this pic. There is only one car that was actually sculpted straight on, though another one may look like it was too.

With this, the race to bring more to the table is certainly on though. I also want to improve the quality of these sculpts, as those participating will surely want to choose from a good range of cars.