Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Beginning of the Track

So the cars are coming along fine. But of course, Cars aren't the only thing that I need for the game. I need a Track!!! So, I went and bought a couple bits of wood.
I was hoping for several bits of square wood, so I could just put the design on, and slot the wood together. However, I now have decided to cut the track out of the wood, which will allow me to store there more effectively in my minimum space, as well as make it easier to fit different pieces together when I wish to make different tracks, which essentially, I will be needing a variety of tracks.
So, I measured some distances, and began making my marks. I had planned on using the old string tied to a pin pivot for an old fashion compass, but because I couldn't put it directly on the edge of the board, I realised I'd be wasting board that I could potentially put to use for something else, such as scenery.

Here you see the first test track I drew out. Three lanes, then two dirt lanes which possibly will add penalties to your run if you go in them. Not sure yet. The straights will have 5 lanes that can be driven on without fault, with the 2 dirt lanes fading out and eventually opening into two normal lanes, allowing more cars to overtake etc.

So, that's where I am for now.


  1. very interesting start, waiting for more!

  2. Thanks Luca, finally got my jigsaw, so will be able to continue further on the track