Sunday, 31 August 2014

Terrain for The Shadows Beckon

Some of you may remember this terrain in its unpainted, white polystyrene form. Yes, finally, I have gotten round to sorting this lovely little piece of terrain. It's not completed yet, but cor, just knowing I've got most of it sorted after, what? Possibly coming up to a year?
So what is this terrain?
First we have the Elves segment, a lovely patch of greenery upon dark brown basecoated sand, and railway tracks as fences. I've tried to give the effect in some places of untamed grass growing tall compared to the relatively flat lying grass around it. I mixed up a couple different grass bags to get the look, for the overall grass, as each of my grass bags, apart from the woodland one, don't particularly look that realistic.

This segment is for my Goblins. I've used the Escape from Goblin Town platform for part of the flooring, whilst the rest is glued down sand. The walls have been shaped from polystyrene with a hotwire, and I've added a few fences in gaps from lollipop sticks just to try and give a goblin like effect, instead of a more human, dwarven, feel.

The Dwarf segment features enclosed stone walls, a stone gate, and two ledges that allow a frontline of wall defenders, and a line of reserves to either take their place, or aid them if the enemy manage to gain a footing. The flooring allows more troops to be stationed there, as well as access to the gate. Apart from shaping the ledges and creating the door, I didn't have to do any shaping on the polystyrene walls apart from cut them to size. Not sure what electrical appliance they came with, but they were already shaped like so. Lovely jubbly.

Last but not least, the Murex get their very own patch of land on the board too. The simplest by far, a raised section with boulders, stones, etc dotted here and there. Yep, if you've thought that this limits the amount of models that can be placed in this section, then you're right. However, the Murex are a hard hitting, heavily defensive force, with a chance of returning after being slain, so they really don't need to fit much on the board to be in with a high chance of winning. This section was sprayed with a lighter tone of brown to help define it from the Goblins.

Last but not least, the main part of the board. A crumbled building that may or may not have been used as either a sacrificial building, or holy place. But that's all lost in history. Not the almost cross like platform that those raising stairs sit upon.. a hint into what religion may have once called this a sanctuary? The walls have crumbled heavily, whilst the doorway arch itself has managed to retain its form the most.

Several segments of the wall have completely turned to rubble, meaning there are also several points of entrance for attackers or defenders to think about.

Maybe this is still a sacrificial place, and those who enter are offered up to whatever thirsty gods wish a share of their blood.


  1. really good and varied table, very inspiring!
    i like it and i'm waiting to see your next progress with it.

    1. I think it's possibly my favourite now, over even the Goblin Lair terrain. However, this ones more suited to king of the hill, capture the flag, side games, as well as battle royal between armies kind of things. Which in itself gives it a great difference to the other terrain boards.