Saturday, 23 August 2014

Driver Stat Sheet

Zenith Strategy Race Game Community


So this is the look of the Team detail page. There will be two, so that there is one for both drivers in the team. Of course I've filled in the names etc with my own details, though these aren't the details I'm planning to use for my own team... well Bar the Nathan Watt part.

If you look at the Driver Stats, you'll see that these are all the stats every driver will start off with, unless you've chosen a driver based off a certain type, e.g Predator, who will have 2 Acc (Acceleration) whilst only having 1 Gear S (Gear Shift). Once I publish the Rule Guide in the community, you will understand the implications of such decisions though.

Now, for those who participate online, I will obviously be doing the dice rolls, just to ensure fair rolling, but decisions will be made by the Managers themselves. It is up to the Managers to record their own progress on their stat sheets that they've either printed or digitally saved, but I will keep an updated record on my blog as well, just to make sure everyone is seeing up to date details.

The black (rubbish) car image, will also be replaced by an actual picture of the car model for that particular driver. Once again, in the online details, the car image will also be shown.

I'm hoping all this will keep it enjoyable and an easy to remember who your guys are experience. I'm still toying with the idea of making Youtube videos for people to watch the process of the turn, which would also then validate that I'm personally not holding favours for anyone or myself at that.

Well, we'll see.

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