Friday, 4 July 2014

Pokemon Progression

Back again, and yes, planning is really moving ahead. Attacks are being listed down with their damage and description, though it will understandably take a while as there are 18 types and at least 20 minimum attacks in each type. I've also listed all the pokemon models I have down, and any evolutions of the models too, so that I won't need to re-order the list if I get those models later. What's going to be difficult here, is choosing the attacks and so forth for every pokemon up until level 100. Cor, that's going to be a doozy.

I've also learned that Golduck, despite having telekinetic powers, isn't a secondary psychic type. It's just plain water type... So, I've added the type in my game, as I do feel it should be.

It's been quite long so far, but it is giving me a break from 'back breaking' work in the garden. As I'm currently unemployed unfortunately, I'm finding that hobbies allow me to keep some of my skills sharp and also improve upon them.  Obviously with the little one now taking less naps, it's a lot harder to work things in, as he demands constant attention. We're trying to teach him to learn to play independently as well, as sometimes Jade's doing the dinner, I'm washing up so that there's not an overload of dishes etc, and he's whining, then crying, because no one's giving him attention. He's also reluctant to go on the floor and play... which means he's currently not learned to turn over yet, and crawling has yet to be achieved.

I think crawling on average starts at 9 months, so its not a worry yet. Don't get me started about food though, as he just doesn't want to pick any food up himself. He picks toys up and all, but food, he knows he will get fed, so doesn't bother picking it up. Try put it in his hand, crying starts. He has no patience either! Almost crying between spoonful's of his breakfast, dinner.

Anyway, I keep diverting from the topic. Despite the better quality models I've got, some are still missing paint in places etc, so I've been working on correcting these, as well as giving some models a new coat job who have been given a colour not like those in the actual anime.

So overall, it's all going well.