Monday, 9 June 2014

The Future

Table top gaming... Ah, what memories I have of you! Brilliant and fond! Well, whilst not entirely the same, I will be doing some table top gaming within the Pokémon world, and making videos. I'm waiting for some models to come through, but you may see a test video up at some point.

What's going to be table top about this?

Well, first off, I'm using my table top boards to play upon. Secondly, though dice rolls will be shown in the corner of the screen instead, I can guarantee the game will all run based on table top gaming mechanics. Dice rolls will determine hits, as well as damage. I suppose the only thing that will not be included, is a restriction to how far you move.

For those of you who know about Pokémon, you'll know there are a series of attacks that are used. Instead of determining via a measured out distance, I would prefer to leave it down to if the attack hits or not.

And Yes! There will be an explanation of rules.

What I'm hoping to do with this, is make it sort of a series. So episodes that chronicle the journey of a new Pokémon trainer.

I've loved Pokémon since it first came out, though it is hard to watch the episodes anymore. I had originally thought of doing something similar last year, but incorporating the trading card game into it as well. I ended up scrapping that idea, but with my inactivity within table top gaming, I believe this will renew some excitement here. I will also get the chance to use my design skills to work on special effects etc. So look forward to it.

Till then :)

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