Sunday, 29 June 2014

Refund But Where Do I Go?

So what happened concerning the Pokémon figures that were sent from China with false description? Well, I've received a 70% refund of the product price, postage and package refund, and also get to keep the models. I'm not quite sure why they thought this was preferable to sending the items back, but then again, I suppose they would have been losing out on even more money with having to pay postage and packaging plus a full refund.

Oh well, I'll see what I can do with these 1-2cm figures. I really can't put them in the episodes though as the difference in height is just too much. Maybe possible to use them for when a Pokémon is meant to have a large height difference to another, but then again, what about the models I don't have of the right size? I'd rather keep things consistent throughout.

Where am I with this project? Still in the planning stages to be honest. There's a lot to think about. The mechanics have to be right, plus there's the fact that each Pokémon learn certain attacks at different levels. I also want to throw in some of my own attacks. Still must complete my eight Pokémon figures too. Running out of Green Stuff. Then, I may also work on some people, such as some of the iconic characters like Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, though I'd put a twist on them so they were more unique too.

Another problem I need to deal with is if the Pokémon will make sounds. Will they say their names such as Pikachu's iconic Pika... Pikachu. Or will they make their Gameboy game cries instead? Not only that, then there's the question of if my people characters will actually have voices or just be text on the screen.

The problem is, I would basically be doing all the voices myself. When I was in Birmingham, I had quite a number of family and friends I would have been able to call upon to help voice things... Here in Wales, I haven't really made any 'friends' as such. Just acquaintances who I really wouldn't ask to help with this.

Back to thinking again...

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