Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pokemon or Not?

Today I'm thinking further on my Pokémon endeavour. Do I want to call it Pokémon? Considering I've decided to use a few different techniques and attributes for the game, instead of the usual Pokémon rules.

Another reason is because if I use the logo for Pokémon, I won't really be able to add a second word... well if I downloaded the Pokémon font I would, but with viruses, malware etc becoming more sophisticated, I really don't want to chance messing up my laptop.

However, I may be in look if I choose to use the name Pokémon though, as they tend not to use the same font for their second part of the title.

e.g -
Notice how both only have the word Pokémon in the Pokémon font? The other sections of title use a different font usually unique to the series/movie.

So Pokémon, or something completely different?

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