Saturday, 21 June 2014

Pokemon Dilemna

So, here's a line up. A 'Pokémon Battle' if you will. You have Wartortle facing off against Rhyhorn, with both trainers watching. Now, this standing still face is easy. No need to do anything with the camcorder in this.

Even here, where Wartortle uses his bubble attack, there won't be much need to do any movements, unless I'm getting Rhyhorn to dodge. Which brings us to my current problem.
Any physical movement from the Pokémon... how do I simulate this? I'm trying to avoid using stop motion techniques, but say I attack a string to Rhyhorn to move him forth and so on... what about those models who are already unsteady on their feet? Pulling them along the textured surface is sure to have them fall over, no?
And if I decide to go with the more Pokémon game approach of the Pokémon staying in a spot then effects being used to simulate the attack, when the trainer (main character/companions) are moving through cities or forests etc, how will I get them to move? Certainly, a string was a possibility for some Pokémon figures, but I can't see it being any good for the people models. And then how would I move them as a group if using string?
I need to find a solution to these questions. I've already started on the Game Mechanics that battles will be run by, but if I don't figure these important questions out, I'm really stuck in a pit.
Well, till next time. Hopefully these will be resolved.


  1. why don't you try with a transparent plastic tray?
    you could cut it from cheap plastic and connect it to a transparent string used for fishing!

    1. That's a great idea actually. I will do a few different versions with different purposes etc and try it out.