Thursday, 12 June 2014

Poke Problem

Ran across a problem today when receiving 2 lots of Pokémon figures from Amazon. Now these aren't the ones I ordered from China, thank god! As it means there's still a chance for happiness, but I was still looking forward to these.

What was wrong with them? Well, ignoring the terrible quality in design and paint jobs, they weren't even the right sized figures. I didn't realise you could get a smaller version, so I ended up buying these. Not to worry though, as I didn't damage the packaging, and have sent them back as a Return. Hopefully there will be no issues with a Refund, and the money can be better spent.

From what I can see of in the pictures from the Chinese company, they will be sending the right miniatures that I want. Though then again, Amazon's pictures looked right to me too. Only their arrival will tell aye?

My partner asked if this has made me not want to do my project, but it has only made me more eager to pull off something great with my models. I can't wait to jump in there and get my tester going, let alone the first episode. Need to work on a good storyline though. That is key, even more than good effects.

So, look forward to being able to show you some.

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