Thursday, 19 June 2014

False Information

Take a look at these two images. The box is the 50 figures from Ebay. The white packaging is the 50 figures from China... See a major difference here? Feel free to click on the images for the larger version.

And so, the figures from China arrived... Yes! After all that waiting, they weren't even the right figures. Displayed as the 3-6cm figures, the ones actually being sold, are the reduced quality mini figures of 1-3cms. I've requested a full refund, as falsifying information, as well as displaying different figures to what is being sold, is a breach of terms and conditions. I just hope I get my refund.

The good news of today however, is both my Bulbasaur evolution 3 set and my 50 figures from Ebay have come. And yes, these figures are all the right ones. I am well pleased with them. Why did I buy these? Well, after having returned my models to Amazon (got refund which is great), I had another look at the ones ordered from China. After reading their information, I then went on to read reviews. I wish I had done this from the start, but generally I find some people talk a load of... well, rubbish, in reviews that either actually doesn't relate, or is disputed by all the other reviews.

Though about 3 reviews said they were great figures (my guess is they never knew about the actual proper 3-6cm figures), a lot stated that these models were incorrectly described, as they were in fact the 1-3cm models and poor quality.

Before ordering the models from amazon and finding out they were 1-3cms, I had never known they even did smaller versions of the models apart from those found in the game machines. So now, I was worried. I tried to think positively, but I couldn't shake the fact that people were saying they were the 1-3 not 3-6. So I went on Ebay to try and find some proper models, finally coming across two people I've bought from. And so far so good, Ebay has come through.

Neatly wrapped. 10 figures in a bag, and each figure is individually wrapped too. Best part is the seller has actually gone through the trouble of writing what is in each bag. That's selling dedication.

Here's the figures I already had, which is why I know that the package from china could not even think of hoping to contain 50 figures. I mean, the box was almost bursting at the seams itself too.
I'm certainly looking forward to doing this series, though I must admit I'm already seeing difficulty in doing it.
Last bit of information before I go. I'm making a few sculpts of my own Pokémon just to add some more elements of my own touch to it.


  1. fortunately, someone still cares about customers!
    waiting for your new sculpts.

    1. Yes, it is good that there are still some trustworthy people out there. It would truly be a sad place if that wasn't the case.

      I'm quite enjoying these sculpts, though I feel that painting them to look like they belong in with the pokemon models may be a bit hard.

  2. Oh dear. The good old internet strikes again! If you paid by credit card you can most likely get your bank (or whoever issued your card) to reverse the charges as the goods aren't as described. Going back to the supplier is always the first step, but don't wait too long for them to reply. Keep a copy of your correspondence to them. Good luck with the Pokemon project, it's got me quite intrigued!

    1. Yeah, they have suggested a 30% refund and I keep the figures because it will take so long to send back to china and postage and packaging costs. I've stated the minimal amount I will be happy with, as 30% is not good enough for items that I didn't want. The fact that they've had since 2013 to change false descriptions is what made me believe their apology wasn't sincere.

      Thank you very much. I hope you will like it when I finally get it out. Going to start working on the map soon.