Sunday, 29 June 2014

Refund But Where Do I Go?

So what happened concerning the Pokémon figures that were sent from China with false description? Well, I've received a 70% refund of the product price, postage and package refund, and also get to keep the models. I'm not quite sure why they thought this was preferable to sending the items back, but then again, I suppose they would have been losing out on even more money with having to pay postage and packaging plus a full refund.

Oh well, I'll see what I can do with these 1-2cm figures. I really can't put them in the episodes though as the difference in height is just too much. Maybe possible to use them for when a Pokémon is meant to have a large height difference to another, but then again, what about the models I don't have of the right size? I'd rather keep things consistent throughout.

Where am I with this project? Still in the planning stages to be honest. There's a lot to think about. The mechanics have to be right, plus there's the fact that each Pokémon learn certain attacks at different levels. I also want to throw in some of my own attacks. Still must complete my eight Pokémon figures too. Running out of Green Stuff. Then, I may also work on some people, such as some of the iconic characters like Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, though I'd put a twist on them so they were more unique too.

Another problem I need to deal with is if the Pokémon will make sounds. Will they say their names such as Pikachu's iconic Pika... Pikachu. Or will they make their Gameboy game cries instead? Not only that, then there's the question of if my people characters will actually have voices or just be text on the screen.

The problem is, I would basically be doing all the voices myself. When I was in Birmingham, I had quite a number of family and friends I would have been able to call upon to help voice things... Here in Wales, I haven't really made any 'friends' as such. Just acquaintances who I really wouldn't ask to help with this.

Back to thinking again...

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Pokemon Dilemna

So, here's a line up. A 'Pokémon Battle' if you will. You have Wartortle facing off against Rhyhorn, with both trainers watching. Now, this standing still face is easy. No need to do anything with the camcorder in this.

Even here, where Wartortle uses his bubble attack, there won't be much need to do any movements, unless I'm getting Rhyhorn to dodge. Which brings us to my current problem.
Any physical movement from the Pokémon... how do I simulate this? I'm trying to avoid using stop motion techniques, but say I attack a string to Rhyhorn to move him forth and so on... what about those models who are already unsteady on their feet? Pulling them along the textured surface is sure to have them fall over, no?
And if I decide to go with the more Pokémon game approach of the Pokémon staying in a spot then effects being used to simulate the attack, when the trainer (main character/companions) are moving through cities or forests etc, how will I get them to move? Certainly, a string was a possibility for some Pokémon figures, but I can't see it being any good for the people models. And then how would I move them as a group if using string?
I need to find a solution to these questions. I've already started on the Game Mechanics that battles will be run by, but if I don't figure these important questions out, I'm really stuck in a pit.
Well, till next time. Hopefully these will be resolved.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

False Information

Take a look at these two images. The box is the 50 figures from Ebay. The white packaging is the 50 figures from China... See a major difference here? Feel free to click on the images for the larger version.

And so, the figures from China arrived... Yes! After all that waiting, they weren't even the right figures. Displayed as the 3-6cm figures, the ones actually being sold, are the reduced quality mini figures of 1-3cms. I've requested a full refund, as falsifying information, as well as displaying different figures to what is being sold, is a breach of terms and conditions. I just hope I get my refund.

The good news of today however, is both my Bulbasaur evolution 3 set and my 50 figures from Ebay have come. And yes, these figures are all the right ones. I am well pleased with them. Why did I buy these? Well, after having returned my models to Amazon (got refund which is great), I had another look at the ones ordered from China. After reading their information, I then went on to read reviews. I wish I had done this from the start, but generally I find some people talk a load of... well, rubbish, in reviews that either actually doesn't relate, or is disputed by all the other reviews.

Though about 3 reviews said they were great figures (my guess is they never knew about the actual proper 3-6cm figures), a lot stated that these models were incorrectly described, as they were in fact the 1-3cm models and poor quality.

Before ordering the models from amazon and finding out they were 1-3cms, I had never known they even did smaller versions of the models apart from those found in the game machines. So now, I was worried. I tried to think positively, but I couldn't shake the fact that people were saying they were the 1-3 not 3-6. So I went on Ebay to try and find some proper models, finally coming across two people I've bought from. And so far so good, Ebay has come through.

Neatly wrapped. 10 figures in a bag, and each figure is individually wrapped too. Best part is the seller has actually gone through the trouble of writing what is in each bag. That's selling dedication.

Here's the figures I already had, which is why I know that the package from china could not even think of hoping to contain 50 figures. I mean, the box was almost bursting at the seams itself too.
I'm certainly looking forward to doing this series, though I must admit I'm already seeing difficulty in doing it.
Last bit of information before I go. I'm making a few sculpts of my own Pokémon just to add some more elements of my own touch to it.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Poke Problem

Ran across a problem today when receiving 2 lots of Pokémon figures from Amazon. Now these aren't the ones I ordered from China, thank god! As it means there's still a chance for happiness, but I was still looking forward to these.

What was wrong with them? Well, ignoring the terrible quality in design and paint jobs, they weren't even the right sized figures. I didn't realise you could get a smaller version, so I ended up buying these. Not to worry though, as I didn't damage the packaging, and have sent them back as a Return. Hopefully there will be no issues with a Refund, and the money can be better spent.

From what I can see of in the pictures from the Chinese company, they will be sending the right miniatures that I want. Though then again, Amazon's pictures looked right to me too. Only their arrival will tell aye?

My partner asked if this has made me not want to do my project, but it has only made me more eager to pull off something great with my models. I can't wait to jump in there and get my tester going, let alone the first episode. Need to work on a good storyline though. That is key, even more than good effects.

So, look forward to being able to show you some.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pokemon or Not?

Today I'm thinking further on my Pokémon endeavour. Do I want to call it Pokémon? Considering I've decided to use a few different techniques and attributes for the game, instead of the usual Pokémon rules.

Another reason is because if I use the logo for Pokémon, I won't really be able to add a second word... well if I downloaded the Pokémon font I would, but with viruses, malware etc becoming more sophisticated, I really don't want to chance messing up my laptop.

However, I may be in look if I choose to use the name Pokémon though, as they tend not to use the same font for their second part of the title.

e.g -
Notice how both only have the word Pokémon in the Pokémon font? The other sections of title use a different font usually unique to the series/movie.

So Pokémon, or something completely different?

Monday, 9 June 2014

The Future

Table top gaming... Ah, what memories I have of you! Brilliant and fond! Well, whilst not entirely the same, I will be doing some table top gaming within the Pokémon world, and making videos. I'm waiting for some models to come through, but you may see a test video up at some point.

What's going to be table top about this?

Well, first off, I'm using my table top boards to play upon. Secondly, though dice rolls will be shown in the corner of the screen instead, I can guarantee the game will all run based on table top gaming mechanics. Dice rolls will determine hits, as well as damage. I suppose the only thing that will not be included, is a restriction to how far you move.

For those of you who know about Pokémon, you'll know there are a series of attacks that are used. Instead of determining via a measured out distance, I would prefer to leave it down to if the attack hits or not.

And Yes! There will be an explanation of rules.

What I'm hoping to do with this, is make it sort of a series. So episodes that chronicle the journey of a new Pokémon trainer.

I've loved Pokémon since it first came out, though it is hard to watch the episodes anymore. I had originally thought of doing something similar last year, but incorporating the trading card game into it as well. I ended up scrapping that idea, but with my inactivity within table top gaming, I believe this will renew some excitement here. I will also get the chance to use my design skills to work on special effects etc. So look forward to it.

Till then :)