Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Painting a Knight of Ishmeil

So, how did I paint up those cool looking (yes, self imposed thoughts there) knights of Ishmeil displayed in Issue 02 of Revolution? Here's my painting guide. The model is base coated black. The steps follow on from that. Now some of the paints I use are the old GW paints, or Revell paints, so I'll also put the new GW paint replacements down.

1) Paint the armour with Dwarf Bronze (Hashnut Copper). This is to act as a base layer for the gold to come.

2) Dry brush the armour with Shining Gold (Gehenna's Gold). This acts as the next layer.

3) Next you dry brush the armour with gold (Auric Armour Gold). Now you can either dry brush it in a way that the gold doesn't reach into cracks etc, or you can fully dry brush the whole armour so it gets a full coating. This brings out a really brilliant shine. Love how it looks, but it's about to get tarnished.

4) Of course this is too one layered, so we use some Nulin Oil to bring out the detail on the armour.

5) Now you'll want to dry brush gold (Auric Armour Gold) back on, making sure to leave gaps untouched.

6) Now, the gloves and their garments are going to be painted a Knarloc Green (Loren Forest). I felt this went well with the gold, and stood out in its own right.

7) Next you want to use some Chainmail (Ironbreaker) on the...
chainmail lol. Now, I didn't take any pics of this because it didn't come out as clear, but I then used Nulin Oil on the chainmail, then dry brushed with Mithril Silver (Runefang Steel).

8) I then painted the trousers Abaddon Black.

9) Next I went to work on the sheath, quiver, bow and boots with Rhinox Hide.

10) Returning to the clothing, I used the shade Biel-Tan Green, allowing it to really get into those crevices and folds to help bring out detail.

11) Lastly I dry brushed the clothing with Knarloc Green (Loren Forest) again just to highlight the raised areas more. I also dry brushed the sheath, quiver, boots and bow with Calthan Brown (Mournfang Brown).

And that's the end of that.