Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Some of Thorin's Company join us

Here's the newest lot to Thorin's Company. Bombur, Gloin and Dori. They were an absolute delight to paint. Especially when working out where I should put my colour scheme on them so they still followed certain rules, such as leather mainly being the blue I use, whilst normal cloth is black, and metal is steel or mithril. The extra colour that is only really shown on King Zreal himself, is white. After using it on Thorin and Dwalin, I really liked the choice and so you'll see it on these guys as well.

Firstly, here's Gloin. What I really like about Gloin's sculpt is the layered folds of his leather armour/clothing. It's quite nice, and was fun to paint up, giving the edging a white colour. I also like how Gloin is posed almost identically to a Gimli model, showing the similarity between father and son.
After painting the hafts of the axes steel, I decided I wanted to make them stand out a bit more, and went for a white. I was toying with the idea of some blue deco on it too, but decided I'd need more practise first.
I may need to go back over the skin tones, as they seem ghostly pale.

Bombur. A lovely character. I like his uniqueness of wielding ladle and butchers knife... carving knife? You know what I mean. He presented the opportunity to actually reveal in more detail the grey trousers my dwarves wear. It's highly unlikely anyone has really noticed it too much yet, as most of the dwarves sculpts have either no trousers showing, or a minimal amount. Saying that, I should really go look at Thorin and Dwalin to see if I actually painted their trousers grey. I can't remember.
Once again, skin tones may need re-touching.

Okay, Dori is definitely in need of skin tone brightening as he seems like he's lost too much blood here. Here's the first show of my use of the blue GW shade paint. It'll be used on cloaks, so expect to see it on the archers still to come at some point.
The flail was a great object to use nulin oil on. I was quite pleased with how that turned out. I also like the colour around Dori's neck (where else would it be), and made it stand out differently, using the same technique I implemented with my Volucris (Grim Hammers) dwarves.
So that's it for now. I'll see you again next week, or on your own posts, and probably around the communities. Enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. good job!
    waiting to see the rest of the party.

    1. Thanks Luca. Some more of the party will be revealed in this months issue of Revolution, which I believe to be quite a bit more improved compared to the first issue.

  2. Brill job, you painting is getting better and better mate.

    1. Thank you, Simon. I'm quite pleased with the progress, though not satisfied yet. Still a ways to go. But then again, there's always room for improvement.