Friday, 28 February 2014

Revolution Issue 02

We end this great month with Revolution Issue 02. Yes, the second issue is now available for download, and it is certainly an improvement of the first one, though still not exactly what I'm hoping for.

This month, the Bits & Bobs section, as well as the Blog Step In section have been removed, though they will hopefully both be a part of next months issue. I've also added in a few more sections, which should hopefully add to the magazine's intrigue.

Once more I will list some of the segments in this issue.

New Sculpts
Miniature Conversions
Miniatures on Stage
Photos of the Month
Terrain Review
Battle Report

and some mystery sections that I will not announce here.

So, here's Issue 02

Obviously, once again I'm asking you to trust me that I have not installed any viruses etc in this file, as it needs to be downloaded. It works fine after downloading, as I thought I'd check to make sure it wasn't going to be a damaged file or uploaded wrong.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Remember, feel free to comment or contact me about feelings about the issue, or if you would like to get involved in the next one.

P.S - for those who want to know, I've re-uploaded Issue 01 as the first version had some terrible spelling mistakes in there, which just can't be accepted. I don't make any excuses for mistakes, and will try and rectify any that I find later that have escaped attention on Proof Read day.


  1. i just read your magazine and i have no words to thank you for having included my work in it, so i'll just say: thanks.

    1. No problem Luca. It's me who has to say thank you. It was brilliant to add, and really helped make this issue. Thank you