Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Work in progress

Here I am, once again, and I thought I'd just bring you a quick post about what's currently in the workshop.

I've finally gotten round to trying to finish off the Grim Hammer models  that have been eluding me for so long now. They are my favourite models, which are led by an original sculpt of mine, who you'll get to see further along this month or year. You've seen his green stuff state, but you have yet to see his painted state.

Here we have Thorin's company accompanies by five of my own custom sculpts, two solely original, whilst one uses some cut off rohan legs, another uses an uruk kai arm, and another uses the arms, legs and head of a rohan model. I'm really looking forward to the finished versions, as Thorin's Company will be painted to fit in with the army instead of their original colour scheme.
So I'll keep you posted guys.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I'll be showing Thorin and Dwalin in the next post. With all the terrain and sculpting I've been working on, I haven't really painted up anything but those two.