Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Christmas Tree

This Christmas I wanted to do something special in order to have a great Battle Report for the first issue of Revolution. So I decided on making some special models for a Santa Dwarf scenario.

Surrounding this text, you'll notice a tree on a base. This shall be a Christmas tree in the scenario.

I glued it down on a large GW base (not the massive one though), and then used some PVA glue on paper to make the terrain effect. Painting this black, I left it to dry before moving on.

 Next, due to it being something related to my dwarves, I began painting dark grey on the areas of the base that wouldn't be snow.

Next, I then painted a light grey on the area where the snow would be, dry brushing the over the dark grey area too.


 As you can see, I then began dry brushing over the light grey with white to begin the snow effect.

It took several coats to just get to the colour below. But I wasn't happy with the look of the snow (not the colour, as I could add to that later), but the texture, so in the end, I added some cotton wool, smoothed over with PVA.

The tree on the right, shows the addition of presents. I did hope to use some fake snow spray to give the tree a more Christmas feel, but didn't want to pay out for it just to use on the one tree.

Unfortunately, none of the family or friends had one either.

 In the end, I decided on trying to paint some white on. I think the paint released a chemical in the foliage though as it started to turn a bit green. But it was alright.

I like how the presents turned out as well.

I do wish I had done a blue basecoat for the snow however, as I rather like the look it has on another model, that will be up for viewing in the first issue of Revolution this month.


  1. That is delightful, a great bit of modelling.

    1. Thanks Michael. Was a bit unhappy that the white paint didn't come up how I wanted it, because the chemicals affected the green foliage. But hey, it still turned out well in my opinion.

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    1. Thanks Luca. I'm looking forward to using this in my battle report.

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    1. Thank you Simon. Hope you'll take a look at January's Revolution issue when it comes out on the 31st?