Friday, 31 January 2014

Revolution Issue 01

Today marks the first day that Revolution becomes available for viewing. Yes, I've finished working on the first issue after a late finish due to the fact the battle report was put on hold until the replacement terrain could be sorted.

However, now it's all sorted out. View Issue 01 here.

What's inside?
Rescue Party 1 begin to move towards objective

New Sculpts: Where all the new sculpts appear
Sculpt Run Down: Explains the process took on making a specific sculpt
Miniature Conversions: It's in the name, its the converted miniature section
Miniatures on Stage: This is the section where you'll see all the painted up models
Terrain Review: A look at a piece of terrain I've made
Battle Report: Of course no magazine is complete without a battle report, and this month saw the Zragga Dwarves versus the Goblins
Bits & Bobs: Want to make a small thing to make your gaming just a little bit more fun? Here's the section.
Blog Step In: This is the section that will hold other peoples blogs, where I've spoken to them requesting to display some of their work etc.

Next month will hold a few more additions, but this month isn't one to miss either, with new and old mixed in for those first time viewers, it'll be a one of a kind issue that won't be repeated.


  1. Love your goblin town. Much more multi-level and 3D than others I have seen!

    1. Thanks mate. It was a rush to get it all sorted after having to destroy my old one, but I really do like this new one

  2. well done, Nathan!
    good luck for the future issues.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Piotr, appreciate the thought. Should be an improvement in Issue 02