Thursday, 2 January 2014

Interchangeable Terrain

So, whilst I have yet to finish the four way terrain, for various reasons really, such as trying to get some of the other polystyrene boards suitably hardened so that I can finally put everything inside the terrain storage without having the living room looking a mess, I've also started working on little terrain pieces.

Now, one of my thoughts whilst realising I'd have to limit the amount of terrain I actually wanted in order for everything to fit properly, was that I could make a blank canvas terrain, where I simply pin down a sheet of grass and then be able to freely change the terrain with small terrain add ons. This would allow me to be a lot more versatile in what I did and the games that could be played, instead of having repetitive scenes. With the fact that I'm doing the magazine, I wanted to be able to show as much different terrain bits as possible.

So, I started on this little piece of an ancient site dedicated to a long forgotten god. I started out with a sheet of polystyrene, hardened with layered PVA glue, then using a hot wire cutter, I shaped some cylinder foam to become the pillars. Here you can see the pillars scattered on the board, some drawn out positions also noticeable.

I made sure that miniatures could pass through the gaps without getting stuck, which was a problem I noticed on my Goblin Lair Terrain where it came to the tunnel systems (A mistake due to the fact that I layered the terrain with paper-mache, turning anything that had been the right measurement, into a wrong one as the width decreased.)

With that done, I got down to gluing it all on. As you can see, I then added sand, though I'm not finished yet. I quite like it, and am looking forward to what it will look like once I've sealed and painted it. A simple, yet effective piece of terrain that will allow some hold the object scenarios, coverage and some good skirmish fights.


  1. great idea, simple and effective!

    1. Almost got them sorted now. Will have pictures up sometime this month