Thursday, 16 January 2014

Festivities over, Let's catch up

With Christmas and New Year gone, I thought I'd finally show you the last pictures of the shelving unit I did with all its inhabitants.

It still needs more organising, but never mind about that yet. I quite enjoy having this. A nice secure place for my models, tools, paints, etc. Also helps to reduce the mess.

You may notice some still sealed model boxes at the bottom. Can't wait to get those guys open, glued and painted as well. A lot of them will be conversions, so I'm really looking forward to working on each of them.

Here are two of my Thorin Company miniatures. Thorin and Dwalin. Dwalin happens to be my favourite of the models, with his cool hammer and axes.

You may wonder why I decided on the colour scheme they are? Well, I didn't want them to be a rag tag bunch of homeless dwarves, which is what I believe the lack of unity in symbols and clothing represents in The Hobbit.

These 13 dwarves are apart of the Zragga Dwarf army under King Zreal, so I wanted to look like they were part of that army, like every other dwarf in my collection does. For Thorin is no longer a wondering prince or king, he is simply the captain of a special unit known as the Kill Team.

By the way, I finally got a hobby drill from Games Workshop to help put together my own cast miniatures (the spiders mainly). Initially, I believed this to be electric, as I didn't know how small it was, but I was pleasantly surprised that it still did a great job despite simply relying on man power.

It's one of my favourite tools already. Great stuff.


  1. The shelving unit worked a treat!

  2. wonderful shelving unit!
    good job with the dwarves too!
    i use an electric mini drill, but i agree with you: it's really useful.

    1. Yeah, absolutely. I really did need one of the drills once I started casting my own model sculpts, as I was literally filing holes into them before, to help give them more structure when modifying them. Now its a lot easier.


  3. Thorin and Dwalin are looking good!

    1. Thanks Phil. I really enjoyed painting them