Friday, 31 January 2014

Revolution Issue 01

Today marks the first day that Revolution becomes available for viewing. Yes, I've finished working on the first issue after a late finish due to the fact the battle report was put on hold until the replacement terrain could be sorted.

However, now it's all sorted out. View Issue 01 here.

What's inside?
Rescue Party 1 begin to move towards objective

New Sculpts: Where all the new sculpts appear
Sculpt Run Down: Explains the process took on making a specific sculpt
Miniature Conversions: It's in the name, its the converted miniature section
Miniatures on Stage: This is the section where you'll see all the painted up models
Terrain Review: A look at a piece of terrain I've made
Battle Report: Of course no magazine is complete without a battle report, and this month saw the Zragga Dwarves versus the Goblins
Bits & Bobs: Want to make a small thing to make your gaming just a little bit more fun? Here's the section.
Blog Step In: This is the section that will hold other peoples blogs, where I've spoken to them requesting to display some of their work etc.

Next month will hold a few more additions, but this month isn't one to miss either, with new and old mixed in for those first time viewers, it'll be a one of a kind issue that won't be repeated.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Christmas Tree

This Christmas I wanted to do something special in order to have a great Battle Report for the first issue of Revolution. So I decided on making some special models for a Santa Dwarf scenario.

Surrounding this text, you'll notice a tree on a base. This shall be a Christmas tree in the scenario.

I glued it down on a large GW base (not the massive one though), and then used some PVA glue on paper to make the terrain effect. Painting this black, I left it to dry before moving on.

 Next, due to it being something related to my dwarves, I began painting dark grey on the areas of the base that wouldn't be snow.

Next, I then painted a light grey on the area where the snow would be, dry brushing the over the dark grey area too.


 As you can see, I then began dry brushing over the light grey with white to begin the snow effect.

It took several coats to just get to the colour below. But I wasn't happy with the look of the snow (not the colour, as I could add to that later), but the texture, so in the end, I added some cotton wool, smoothed over with PVA.

The tree on the right, shows the addition of presents. I did hope to use some fake snow spray to give the tree a more Christmas feel, but didn't want to pay out for it just to use on the one tree.

Unfortunately, none of the family or friends had one either.

 In the end, I decided on trying to paint some white on. I think the paint released a chemical in the foliage though as it started to turn a bit green. But it was alright.

I like how the presents turned out as well.

I do wish I had done a blue basecoat for the snow however, as I rather like the look it has on another model, that will be up for viewing in the first issue of Revolution this month.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Festivities over, Let's catch up

With Christmas and New Year gone, I thought I'd finally show you the last pictures of the shelving unit I did with all its inhabitants.

It still needs more organising, but never mind about that yet. I quite enjoy having this. A nice secure place for my models, tools, paints, etc. Also helps to reduce the mess.

You may notice some still sealed model boxes at the bottom. Can't wait to get those guys open, glued and painted as well. A lot of them will be conversions, so I'm really looking forward to working on each of them.

Here are two of my Thorin Company miniatures. Thorin and Dwalin. Dwalin happens to be my favourite of the models, with his cool hammer and axes.

You may wonder why I decided on the colour scheme they are? Well, I didn't want them to be a rag tag bunch of homeless dwarves, which is what I believe the lack of unity in symbols and clothing represents in The Hobbit.

These 13 dwarves are apart of the Zragga Dwarf army under King Zreal, so I wanted to look like they were part of that army, like every other dwarf in my collection does. For Thorin is no longer a wondering prince or king, he is simply the captain of a special unit known as the Kill Team.

By the way, I finally got a hobby drill from Games Workshop to help put together my own cast miniatures (the spiders mainly). Initially, I believed this to be electric, as I didn't know how small it was, but I was pleasantly surprised that it still did a great job despite simply relying on man power.

It's one of my favourite tools already. Great stuff.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Work in progress

Here I am, once again, and I thought I'd just bring you a quick post about what's currently in the workshop.

I've finally gotten round to trying to finish off the Grim Hammer models  that have been eluding me for so long now. They are my favourite models, which are led by an original sculpt of mine, who you'll get to see further along this month or year. You've seen his green stuff state, but you have yet to see his painted state.

Here we have Thorin's company accompanies by five of my own custom sculpts, two solely original, whilst one uses some cut off rohan legs, another uses an uruk kai arm, and another uses the arms, legs and head of a rohan model. I'm really looking forward to the finished versions, as Thorin's Company will be painted to fit in with the army instead of their original colour scheme.
So I'll keep you posted guys.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Interchangeable Terrain

So, whilst I have yet to finish the four way terrain, for various reasons really, such as trying to get some of the other polystyrene boards suitably hardened so that I can finally put everything inside the terrain storage without having the living room looking a mess, I've also started working on little terrain pieces.

Now, one of my thoughts whilst realising I'd have to limit the amount of terrain I actually wanted in order for everything to fit properly, was that I could make a blank canvas terrain, where I simply pin down a sheet of grass and then be able to freely change the terrain with small terrain add ons. This would allow me to be a lot more versatile in what I did and the games that could be played, instead of having repetitive scenes. With the fact that I'm doing the magazine, I wanted to be able to show as much different terrain bits as possible.

So, I started on this little piece of an ancient site dedicated to a long forgotten god. I started out with a sheet of polystyrene, hardened with layered PVA glue, then using a hot wire cutter, I shaped some cylinder foam to become the pillars. Here you can see the pillars scattered on the board, some drawn out positions also noticeable.

I made sure that miniatures could pass through the gaps without getting stuck, which was a problem I noticed on my Goblin Lair Terrain where it came to the tunnel systems (A mistake due to the fact that I layered the terrain with paper-mache, turning anything that had been the right measurement, into a wrong one as the width decreased.)

With that done, I got down to gluing it all on. As you can see, I then added sand, though I'm not finished yet. I quite like it, and am looking forward to what it will look like once I've sealed and painted it. A simple, yet effective piece of terrain that will allow some hold the object scenarios, coverage and some good skirmish fights.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all enjoy both New Years Eve and New Years day. Best wishes for the future. Remember to be sensible when enjoying the change of year. Don't start it off with an accident or anything.

Oh, and have you all got your resolutions ready and waiting? Mine is to build up some more self esteem, make sure my online magazine continues for at least the year, and to get my story finished.

Happy New Year again guys, enjoy!