Sunday, 12 October 2014

Drivers Ready?

I'm back again, and can happily say my new job is very interesting. I absolutely love the knowledge I'm gaining during this training period, and can't wait to put it to use.

However, that's a different story. Let's get back to what's been happening on the miniature front.

Apart from putting gloss on, I've finished all the cars that I've made thus far (that includes sculpting them and painting them, and sorting out the car numbers). Today is the day you'll get to see some of them, but for the full scope, please head over to the Zenith Strategy Race Game community.

I'm quite happy with how these turned out. I'm excited to try and properly get some test games going so that these guys can be put into action. As you can see, they've been photographed on the incomplete track, which still needs its side barriers painted etc. But in time these will all be completed.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Zenith Race Track

Here's a shot of the painted up track sections. Not complete, but on their way to finalisation. In the end I didn't use the tips suggested to me by Luca, as it turned out I would have to engrave it pretty deep with the Stanley knife to leave much of a noticeable mark. And the other suggestion of using a hot glue gun to expand the lines between lanes was certainly out of the question, as the track had been cut specifically measured, meaning the glue would have had to be a hairline really to make it not impact too much on the actual lane spacing.
This was done by basically giving every other lane a light grey paint job before lining the right amount of bases on the dry lanes. Then I painted the lanes that were unpainted and finished adding bases. Next, I spray coated the whole track with a darker grey. Allowing time for it to dry, I then removed the bases and went over any areas of the lighter grey that had been damaged or accidentally coated with some dark grey.
Now what's left to do is paint the danger lines white and red. Not sure what they're actually called in actuality though. Will need to look it up.
The car teams that myself, Jade, Mum and Dad chose for the start of our test game. Unfortunately, with a little tike called Alexander waking up from his nap, we really didn't get to finish it.
Luckily, I planned to test this through long distance gaming anyway, so will restart the whole test game, and will be posting turn by turn so everyone gets the feel of how it runs and the rules as they are now. Remember though, they may change to better suit the game, as is expected.
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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Basic Track

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I managed to cut out the corners on the weekend, and can finally put together a track. The only problem is, when I paint it, how will I retain the spacing. I have no intention of putting string or wire down upon the lines so that I retain some measurement when spraying.

However, possibly if I first use a brush to paint one segment, then place the cars along the dried segment before painting the next, and so on, I'll end up with cars lining each segment, meaning I can then move straight into spray painting then and leave the basecoat concealed by the car bases untouched, whilst the rest of the track gets coated.

Well, I'll have to see really though.

By the way, one thing to note is this is only the bare minimum track. So for the racers with low level stats, as obviously it will take longer to complete the race.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Shadow Beckons

If Revolution magazine had run for another Issue, you would have gotten a look at these little critters. These are known as Shadow Bugs. Numerous in number, and like a blight upon any race. A eerie spectre watches from behind a wall, ready to add his claws of shadowy mist to the equation if any foolhardy adventurer comes too close.
I have yet to use these guys in a battle, but their time will come soon enough. My favourite part of these is the lightning like glows on the black craggy bases. A fallen shadow bug, speared through with a crossbow bolt, lays withered next to the remains of a cracked shadow bug shell, its purple essence spilling from its body.

The aim of these guys were to have a sinister race that was numerous in number, ready to plague all other races. In fact, that's where The Shadow Beckons title came from. I hope to make a campaign at some point based on the coming tide of these little blighters and their more larger friends. One where all other races may need to put aside their feuds to hold back the shadow.
What are your thoughts?

Friday, 12 September 2014

Car Body Paint Job

Hello all! Today the blog posts the same time as the Community, as I've not managed to put anything up due to the breaking of my camera. Not only that, a possible new job is on the horizon coming October.

So, without further rambling, let's show you what's been done.

I really had to do this design. A black body for the car, and flames raising up. I did one flame further up than the other to kind of signify the rivalry between the two drivers too. They obviously are quite hot blooded and want to burn more brightly than the other.

I quite like this. It's simple, but I think this is possibly my favourite paint theme. I love how the orange and purple go together, but I also think the shape of the cars, especially the right hand side one, allow this theme to come off brilliantly. It's not easy to notice, but there's a gradient affect on the purple as well, as it shifts from dark to light.

Thus far the only car with headlights. Kind of dangerous if a race took place at night. Luckily they don't aye? This design reminds me of one of those capsule pills. But once again, it makes use of that lovely purple and orange together.

I first tested out the window sparkle (can't remember what I believe it's called, but the white lines on the glass is what I'm referring to, that show it's a reflective surface) on these two cars. I hadn't even painted the bodies yet, and I thought, hmm, the green really does suit these two. However, I couldn't just leave them with their natural greenstuff look, and painted them green instead.

I really do like this design. Bubbles. It was a bit hard to get the circles, and still they aren't perfect, but I'm really pleased with the outcome. I did feel that maybe a lighter shade of blue for the background may have been more suitable. Who knows now though, as I don't wish to change it.
I feel that the less angular shape of these cars made these themes work quite well in my opinion, but, what's everyone's thoughts on these cars and their paint jobs? Which would you pick for your team?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Preview of Cars

And here's an update on the cars. Yes, the Zenith factory is churning out cars now, with 28 basically done, with more to come. With the arrival of my Jigsaw from Argos, I will be able to move on with measuring and drawing out my track on the wood that I bought some time ago.
You'll see that though every car is different, some resemble others, whilst some are completely different. The picture above on the right hand side, with the car furthest to the right, is kind of an abomination. It started off as a 3 wheeler, and now is a 5 wheeler. I'm planning to add more design to it though to see if I can make it look cool.

So, tell me what you think so far, and anyone interested yet in joining in after the test run is complete?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Test track

I made a little test track on the back of cardboard. At some point, I'll be going through a test race with the different types of Drivers you can choose, if the Basic Stat sheet isn't for you. You will get a chance to understand a little more about the game and its rules, though it won't all be explained yet. I will also first quickly go through what each stat actually is.

As you can see in these pictures, I've done several more cars now, all with a different feel, though some vaguely resemble one another. Let me be clear, I'm not trying to design any real cars. I'm simply sitting down, getting my green putty, and moulding it into shapes I like, and some I don't, as they're tests.

I would love to get the chance to use a 3d printer and 3d software to make some official models for the game in the future. Well, we'll see how this goes though.

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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Terrain for The Shadows Beckon

Some of you may remember this terrain in its unpainted, white polystyrene form. Yes, finally, I have gotten round to sorting this lovely little piece of terrain. It's not completed yet, but cor, just knowing I've got most of it sorted after, what? Possibly coming up to a year?
So what is this terrain?
First we have the Elves segment, a lovely patch of greenery upon dark brown basecoated sand, and railway tracks as fences. I've tried to give the effect in some places of untamed grass growing tall compared to the relatively flat lying grass around it. I mixed up a couple different grass bags to get the look, for the overall grass, as each of my grass bags, apart from the woodland one, don't particularly look that realistic.

This segment is for my Goblins. I've used the Escape from Goblin Town platform for part of the flooring, whilst the rest is glued down sand. The walls have been shaped from polystyrene with a hotwire, and I've added a few fences in gaps from lollipop sticks just to try and give a goblin like effect, instead of a more human, dwarven, feel.

The Dwarf segment features enclosed stone walls, a stone gate, and two ledges that allow a frontline of wall defenders, and a line of reserves to either take their place, or aid them if the enemy manage to gain a footing. The flooring allows more troops to be stationed there, as well as access to the gate. Apart from shaping the ledges and creating the door, I didn't have to do any shaping on the polystyrene walls apart from cut them to size. Not sure what electrical appliance they came with, but they were already shaped like so. Lovely jubbly.

Last but not least, the Murex get their very own patch of land on the board too. The simplest by far, a raised section with boulders, stones, etc dotted here and there. Yep, if you've thought that this limits the amount of models that can be placed in this section, then you're right. However, the Murex are a hard hitting, heavily defensive force, with a chance of returning after being slain, so they really don't need to fit much on the board to be in with a high chance of winning. This section was sprayed with a lighter tone of brown to help define it from the Goblins.

Last but not least, the main part of the board. A crumbled building that may or may not have been used as either a sacrificial building, or holy place. But that's all lost in history. Not the almost cross like platform that those raising stairs sit upon.. a hint into what religion may have once called this a sanctuary? The walls have crumbled heavily, whilst the doorway arch itself has managed to retain its form the most.

Several segments of the wall have completely turned to rubble, meaning there are also several points of entrance for attackers or defenders to think about.

Maybe this is still a sacrificial place, and those who enter are offered up to whatever thirsty gods wish a share of their blood.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Beginning of the Track

So the cars are coming along fine. But of course, Cars aren't the only thing that I need for the game. I need a Track!!! So, I went and bought a couple bits of wood.
I was hoping for several bits of square wood, so I could just put the design on, and slot the wood together. However, I now have decided to cut the track out of the wood, which will allow me to store there more effectively in my minimum space, as well as make it easier to fit different pieces together when I wish to make different tracks, which essentially, I will be needing a variety of tracks.
So, I measured some distances, and began making my marks. I had planned on using the old string tied to a pin pivot for an old fashion compass, but because I couldn't put it directly on the edge of the board, I realised I'd be wasting board that I could potentially put to use for something else, such as scenery.

Here you see the first test track I drew out. Three lanes, then two dirt lanes which possibly will add penalties to your run if you go in them. Not sure yet. The straights will have 5 lanes that can be driven on without fault, with the 2 dirt lanes fading out and eventually opening into two normal lanes, allowing more cars to overtake etc.

So, that's where I am for now.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Driver Stat Sheet

Zenith Strategy Race Game Community


So this is the look of the Team detail page. There will be two, so that there is one for both drivers in the team. Of course I've filled in the names etc with my own details, though these aren't the details I'm planning to use for my own team... well Bar the Nathan Watt part.

If you look at the Driver Stats, you'll see that these are all the stats every driver will start off with, unless you've chosen a driver based off a certain type, e.g Predator, who will have 2 Acc (Acceleration) whilst only having 1 Gear S (Gear Shift). Once I publish the Rule Guide in the community, you will understand the implications of such decisions though.

Now, for those who participate online, I will obviously be doing the dice rolls, just to ensure fair rolling, but decisions will be made by the Managers themselves. It is up to the Managers to record their own progress on their stat sheets that they've either printed or digitally saved, but I will keep an updated record on my blog as well, just to make sure everyone is seeing up to date details.

The black (rubbish) car image, will also be replaced by an actual picture of the car model for that particular driver. Once again, in the online details, the car image will also be shown.

I'm hoping all this will keep it enjoyable and an easy to remember who your guys are experience. I'm still toying with the idea of making Youtube videos for people to watch the process of the turn, which would also then validate that I'm personally not holding favours for anyone or myself at that.

Well, we'll see.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Will the Zragga Dwarves fall?

Beams of light broke through the cotton cloud that eclipsed the sun. It had been a great week so far, though uneventful on the battle front. That was fine with Ailen though, as he couldn't bear to see anymore comrades fall under the stroke of a sword, or the stab of a spear point. Today was set to be another great summers day, when the call of a young dwarf, ahead of the group he was travelling with, called out.

"A shift has opened up a cave!" he cried aloud with excitement.

Ailen snapped out of his dreamlike gaze, and began to approach the advancing group. Giln was beside him as always, though the rest of the unit were currently taking their break at the Rusting Hammer Tavern.

"Ailen! Ailen!" called the young dwarf. It was apparent that he knew him, or of him.

"Yes, young Gilburn?" answered Ailen.

"A new cave has opened!" he smiled as he reached him, not even pausing for breath. "Well, it could have been an old one, just the mouth of the cave opened today. I saw it with my own eyes."

So, the three way battle between the Zragga Dwarves, Goblins and the Murex, is finally over. It was a good battle, done fairly, despite my love of the Dwarves. Of course, after getting the approval of the King, Ailen took his unit to investigate the cave. Unfortunately, they found themselves under attack by goblins. They did not fear the blight ridden creatures, but soon realised a stronger being was stomping toward them. The Goblin King. Little did they know, a terrible rumble could be felt through the kingdom of Zragga, as the Murex descended from their mountains for some reason unknown.

 The Goblin King mowed through the Volucris, Ailen included. Despite all their efforts, only 2 wounds were inflicted upon his colossal form, whilst the Volucris to the rear managed to slay several Goblin Warriors before being stabbed in the back as he faced the Goblin King alone.

The two explorers, Hwad and Gordak found themselves to be the first to feel the brunt of the Murex force, and despite managing to delay their deaths, were soon crushed beneath living rock.

Giant Bats, a Minotaur Beast, a Blood Drop Spider and her three spiderling swarms, joined a unit of Goblin Warriors who set off to destroy the Dwarves. Though the Giant Bats and the Spiders were able to inflict some losses due to their ability to scale or fly over the large fortress wall, they were soon all but killed by the defence they met.

Below, the gates fall to several goblin attacks and the charge of the Minotaur Beast, and soon Azagin, Captain of a unit of Dwarf Warriors, plugs the gap opened, and slays a few goblins before the attacking force fled with the surviving Giant Bat in order to escape the arrival of the Murex.

Countless Dwarves fall before the might of King Brutem of the Murex, before King Zreal himself inflicts the first wound upon the fiery stone, and then finishes him off alongside a Dwarf Warrior. However, he too soon falls as a Gem Knight takes advantage of his injury caused by a blow from their King.

The Goblins manage to hold their ground at their cave entrance, with the Goblin King hurrying to arrive on the scene. But in the end, it is only luck that saves both the Dwarves and Goblins, as the Murex break off their attack, bringing their kings fallen stones to re-animate back within their mountains.