Friday, 13 December 2013

An almost complete Shelving Unit

 Above you see the door already fitted to the shelving unit, covering the model section. This was made out of the large wood panel that acted as the backing for the original shelf unit. I measured and cut to the sizes I wanted, before nailing and screwing (extra security) to a wooden frame, also cut and measured to size.

When you see the final design, do not flinch at the sight of its DIY look haha. So, using two blocks of wood, I cut the shape to be able to lock and screw them onto the door side and shelving wall side. This was to form my lock for the bottom half of the unit. As shown, a screw is the key to this lock. Nice, easy and simple.

 I also needed a door handle for this. So I cut some wood blocks to size, before smoothing out the hand grip via sanding, and screwing it all into place. This was almost the final piece. I actually thought the image you see below was going to be basically it.

I was wrong. I actually added three more needed features. So make sure you check back next week for the next post in this lovely DIY series =D Until then everyone.


  1. good job and very high-quality details!
    i like your new profile photo!

    1. Thank you Luca. One thing I really like about all this is that its all made from things I had available without having to buy anything extra. So the bed draws, an old book shelf, etc.

      Thanks, not sure if I will turn the background white instead though.