Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Hey everyone, I don't suppose any of you are really going to be on here today. Neither am I, but I thought I'd schedule this post for this special day just to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope you guys are enjoying it, and don't be too upset if you don't get exactly what you want, Christmas is about celebrating family and friends and good times.

Take Care, see you in the new year.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Surprise Sculpt

In light of the time of year it is, and the fact that in the new year will be coming the 1st issue of Revolution, though not until January the 31st, I thought I would make a special sculpt to go in the battle report of that month.

In fact, I'll be making a special scenario as well just for it. And I'm sure you can all guess it'll be something to do with Santa Claus. Or Santa Dwarf in this case.

I hope you guys are looking forward to your Christmas and new year. I certainly am. First Christmas and new year in my own place, and with my little son, Alexander.

So, I'll see you guys next time.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Four way Terrain

There are still a few pictures I want to show of the shelving unit, but for now, I thought some variation would be good. If you remember, I showed some pictures of a new battlefield terrain I was beginning, that was sort of like a tomb area, and would have one stronghold from four different races on. Well, I've begun to continue with that again.

Here you see the Goblin stronghold. Simple, just stone walls carved nicely with a hotwire cutter, which I bought from Amazon for £19.99. Brilliant buy, by the way. It really works like a charm.

I didn't want anything extravagant with the Goblin stronghold, as I decided that they wouldn't really be able to make anything greatly crafted, but more crude like, so I thought the stone walls, worn and scarred were a good fit for them. I will be putting in a wooden gate where you can see the gap.

Next, on the right, you'll see the Dwarf Stronghold. The polystyrene I used came with one of the electrical appliances we bought for the house. I simply used the hotwire cutter to adjust the lengths. You'll see two levels in the stronghold, allowing the dwarves to defend the front of their base from enemies trying to scale the walls.

There's also a side door which you may be able to see if you click on the image. It'll be stuck down with a toothpick, allowing it to swivel during gameplay, to show that the gate is open or closed.

In the end, I decided that the stone walls just didn't cut it for the goblins. Cutting at various points, I added in small wooden fence points, to make it look as if the goblins tried to patch up the areas where the stone work was lacking. The gates are crudely designed, and I may put heads or bodies around them just to help add to the Goblin's intrigue of violence.

You will also note that I've used a platform from the Escape from Goblin Town set as a partial flooring in the stronghold, adding to the uniqueness for the Goblins.

Moving on, I have also begun work on the elf area, a square of fenced off area (model train tracks), that act as a barrier, as well as a ramp for those inside to get out. I decided that the elves, trusting in their agility, prefer not to have any easy means to get in from outside, able to effectively hold off any enemies that try to jump, climb the fence.

I'll also be adding some grass, and a tree... yes, a single tree... perhaps two, for this area. It'll be the only real green area in the whole of the terrain.

Currently, I'm hardening the base and sides of the polystyrene board with PVA glue, as each move was damaging the board, and it also was more suitable to get the board sorted before I put any more terrain on... would have been smarter to do this before putting any on however... lesson for the future I believe :)

Well, thanks for dropping by guys and girls. I'll see you at the next post.

Friday, 13 December 2013

An almost complete Shelving Unit

 Above you see the door already fitted to the shelving unit, covering the model section. This was made out of the large wood panel that acted as the backing for the original shelf unit. I measured and cut to the sizes I wanted, before nailing and screwing (extra security) to a wooden frame, also cut and measured to size.

When you see the final design, do not flinch at the sight of its DIY look haha. So, using two blocks of wood, I cut the shape to be able to lock and screw them onto the door side and shelving wall side. This was to form my lock for the bottom half of the unit. As shown, a screw is the key to this lock. Nice, easy and simple.

 I also needed a door handle for this. So I cut some wood blocks to size, before smoothing out the hand grip via sanding, and screwing it all into place. This was almost the final piece. I actually thought the image you see below was going to be basically it.

I was wrong. I actually added three more needed features. So make sure you check back next week for the next post in this lovely DIY series =D Until then everyone.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Model Section

 In this, you see the centre shelf, which is where the painting station is (note the hanging shelf), and then below it another shelf with a centre support and divider.

This is where the models will be housed. Comprised of both resized draw wood, and the old white shelves, this section will house two differing sized areas, where the left hand side boasts more space than the right.

From the picture on the right, you can see what I'm speaking about. Each shelf support got its hole drilled, with some already positioned due to the original design. This was the tricky part, as I needed to drill the holes around the same height and good space, to have level shelves. In one case... I failed =O but that was just one. And if the models have to go to war on a table top, then I'm sure they can survive a little bit of a slope, aye?