Thursday, 28 November 2013

Shelving Unit Paint Station

 So, I wanted to have a bit of a paint station on this shelving unit, just a cool little needed added feature really, as I really don't want to get paint anywhere else. If you remember the window sill back in the house in Birmingham, you'll understand my need for this paint station.

So, I devised a 3 way system to help support the (flap) that swings up to form part of my paint station.
I've got a wooden beam that can swivel round and uses resistance through the weight of the flap, to hold it up.

I also have a metal slider, that can be pulled into position, added support to the left hand side of the flap, whilst half a door hinge has been used as a support for the right. Simply swivel it round into position, and then hey presto, another support.

This was just one step in the ever advancing shelving unit. Make sure you check back on the posts to keep updated.


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    1. Thanks, it needs a bit of modifying now though. Well, the swivelling wooden beam does, as I've had to swivel it the opposite way due to the door I put on. Not too sure when I'll get round to that slight adjustment though.

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    1. Thanks, I really enjoyed doing this. Looking at it gives me a sense of achievement

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    1. Wait till you see the finished lower segment