Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Finalised Terrain Storage

Here's the basically finished product. The door has been added to the two bed halves, effectively shielding what's inside. Of course, with the condensation problem this house seems to have, I've allowed for venting.

Here you see the door handle I've made, allowing me to move the door to and fro without having anything sticking out that someone may decide they want to bump into. As you may note, its been smoothed out, so no splinters or sharp edges on this grip =D

Doing the handle in this way has also allowed me to do the venting I spoke about.
Just for your privileges, I thought I'd take a pic of the hinges. As you can also probably see, the door has a bit of a gap at the top. This was so that the material already on the bed frames would not be under constant friction with each opening and closing of the door.

Recently, I've also added two flat metal frames on the bottom of the bed frame, just to add that extra resistant to friction on the more fragile material.

Now all I'm waiting on is to cut some fabric to the right size, and drape it over it. That'll stop it from being an eyesore, and also give a nice clean surface to put things when not using it as gaming table.

This is actually in our living room by the way, so you can see why the need to try and keep it as simple, unobtrusive and multi-purposeful as possible.

So, the next time you'll hear or see anything about this, should be the next time I actually manage to get round to playing a game. With Alexander here, it might be a lot further away than I'd hope, as I haven't really been able to do any painting yet. Thank god for scheduled posts aye?

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