Thursday, 28 November 2013

Shelving Unit Paint Station

 So, I wanted to have a bit of a paint station on this shelving unit, just a cool little needed added feature really, as I really don't want to get paint anywhere else. If you remember the window sill back in the house in Birmingham, you'll understand my need for this paint station.

So, I devised a 3 way system to help support the (flap) that swings up to form part of my paint station.
I've got a wooden beam that can swivel round and uses resistance through the weight of the flap, to hold it up.

I also have a metal slider, that can be pulled into position, added support to the left hand side of the flap, whilst half a door hinge has been used as a support for the right. Simply swivel it round into position, and then hey presto, another support.

This was just one step in the ever advancing shelving unit. Make sure you check back on the posts to keep updated.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Finalised Terrain Storage

Here's the basically finished product. The door has been added to the two bed halves, effectively shielding what's inside. Of course, with the condensation problem this house seems to have, I've allowed for venting.

Here you see the door handle I've made, allowing me to move the door to and fro without having anything sticking out that someone may decide they want to bump into. As you may note, its been smoothed out, so no splinters or sharp edges on this grip =D

Doing the handle in this way has also allowed me to do the venting I spoke about.
Just for your privileges, I thought I'd take a pic of the hinges. As you can also probably see, the door has a bit of a gap at the top. This was so that the material already on the bed frames would not be under constant friction with each opening and closing of the door.

Recently, I've also added two flat metal frames on the bottom of the bed frame, just to add that extra resistant to friction on the more fragile material.

Now all I'm waiting on is to cut some fabric to the right size, and drape it over it. That'll stop it from being an eyesore, and also give a nice clean surface to put things when not using it as gaming table.

This is actually in our living room by the way, so you can see why the need to try and keep it as simple, unobtrusive and multi-purposeful as possible.

So, the next time you'll hear or see anything about this, should be the next time I actually manage to get round to playing a game. With Alexander here, it might be a lot further away than I'd hope, as I haven't really been able to do any painting yet. Thank god for scheduled posts aye?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

DIY Terrain Storage Project

 Welcome back guys. This update is almost the last concerning the terrain storage. Yep, almost at the end. I've slotted the two bed halves together, securing them by the dowels.

You'll note the polystyrene nice and snug inside. Loving it currently.

Now, you'll see this interesting piece of wood on the right. Well, I had to put in quite a few bits of support to try and flatten out the warped wood. Then I also left a cut out, so that a particular plank of wood could be the handle. I didn't want to completely block the inside off from air circulation, so I thought the door was a great place to open it up.

This isn't exactly finished, but almost. You'll see in the next post though. So see you then.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Shelving Unit Modification

 Here's the next thing I was working on whilst waiting for my father to bring up the board of wood I'd left in Birmingham. This is the original shelving unit gifted to us by my partner's mother. Unsure as to whether she ever intended to take it back, I made sure that whilst doing my modification, the shelving unit can be returned to its original state without any problems.

So, let's see what I did aye?

To the right you'll notice (not the clutter of mess, albeit its probably quite noticeable) that not only has the shelving unit got bigger, but its back, shelf and top are different.

The back is made from the bases of the four bed draws I had, whilst the shelves are made from the longest part of the draws that isn't the front part. Naturally there was some cutting involved to get rid of the more fragile section of wood, which is basically a slant, so I cut it so its no longer less dense than the rest.

The top and base of the shelf are made from the front bits of the draws. You remember that I attached a front part to the terrain storage in the previous post? Well, I had to remove the fabric, cotton, and staples, then drill holes in the white sides to allow the dowels in. Then I also added four extra points on bottom and top to screw them on for extra support.

I really like how the white and chestnut wood effect go together.

You may note that there's no shelves past the halfway line. This is because I've divided it. The top will hold my glue etc, whilst the bottom, with the addition of a door, will hold the models. You'll see soon enough.

So, that's all again for now. See you next time.