Friday, 18 October 2013

Work Begins

 As I said in a previous post, I want to convert my old divan bed into a storage unit as well as table top table.

To do this, I had to remove the wheels from the bases. In this picture, you see me working on the black fabric that guards the bottom of the half bed base. This is to be totally removed.
I did forget to take pictures on this base, which was started first. I removed the wheels from the base, took the black fabric off, sawed the interlocking timber on the base, sanded the rough surfaces, then drilled holes in the top to re-insert the wheels.

Why? Well, when undertaking such tasks, I want to be as efficient as possible, as well as make it as easy to do as possible. I'm not a professional, so easy is best. By turning one half of the bed upside down, I can then lock both pieces together, only needing to remove the centre timbers to open up a huge space.

However, if I had left the wheels where they were, I would be fiddling around with some very stubborn material (its still on in this picture, and will remain so, as its stapled down, and those staples are resistant to my charm), and also the board of wood, as well as the centre timbers.

So much more work, as well as weakening the structure severely. You'll see it all come together though over the next few weeks, as I will make sure I take pictures and keep you all updated with posts, though I myself will not really be able to get back to you at the moment.

All comments will be replied to once internet is available in my house. So don't feel ignored. :)


  1. Brill, look forward to seeing more of this DIY Project. I expect to see some sort of blood sacrifice at some point :P

    1. Haha. Well, you won't have to wait too long. I've got the thing basically done, bar the door, and its covering.

      But I'll also have the shelving unit for models to show you too.