Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Terrain Storage update

 Back again. Quick update, though not that up to date, as I don't want to overload you with what's been done over this period of time.

In the picture to the left, I've inserted a wooden block, which I inserted on both the top and bottom bed halves, and the opposite sides. Why? Well, I wanted to secure the old draw fronts to them to shut one side of the makeshift terrain storage off. As you see in the picture on the right, one of the draw fronts has been secured, though the dowels are sticking out.

Originally, I was going to have the dowels,  a feature of the original draw, insert into the wood I had screwed on so it could be easily taken off if need be, but then I decided against it and simply screwed it on.

In this picture, you see the almost complete terrain storage filled with polystyrene and other stuff on top. That's the flat pack cot leaned against it as well in that box. Can't get to put it up yet till a leak in the roof is fixed.

That's all for this post. I assure you, there will be more interesting things to come. You'll see how the end I'll access the terrain from, will be closed off, as well as a later post will show the shelving unit I improvised from the remainder of the draws and other pieces of wood I had (including a slim bookshelf given to us by partner's mum).

Till next time.