Friday, 11 October 2013

Clash of the Races

 I had a bit too much polystyrene after unpacking items such as washing machine etc, so whilst breaking them up, I decided to quickly use some of those pieces to start working on a new big terrain piece.

It will feature 4 small strongholds, each for a different race, whilst holding several objectives for the miniatures to try and gain. I am quite excited for that.
Here you see the ruins of an old temple to the god of Earth. This will hold the most valuable of objectives for the forces to fight over, as well as hold some sinister creatures that will cause irritation and death amongst the already clashing armies.

I am trying to work out how I'll stack the terrain inside the base, as of course, when you have pieces such as the gate way, which will be more prone to breakage than others.
Here you see the corner for the Murex race. It's simple rockage, making most troops need to climb the terrain to get to the top, allowing the Murex to smash them back down, and hold their ground.

In the opposite corner, you can see the starting of the elven base. This will use train tracks as fences and also a platform for the archers. I want each corner to thoroughly represent the race that will use them, making it a true clash of races, where even the land seems to be fighting.


  1. Promising starts to them all. The earth is my favourite so far the arch is great.

    1. Yeah, I really like the arch myself. I think I'm going to find myself constantly trying to get troops to go through it just for the lovely affect of getting through the arch... well, attempting to get through. It'd depend on if other players had the same idea lol