Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Zragga Guards painted up

Hello, one and all, and we're here with more of what was done over my period of blogging silence. I bring you the next unit I worked on. These are the Zragga Guards who protect the king. You'll notice I haven't dry-brushed the base, or black rimmed it either. That's because I won't be doing that until the end of the remaining Dwarf Units now, I do believe.

So, enjoy the images, as this post is just really going to be a short one... well, I've actually said all what was to be said already...

As you can see, just to add a bit more words here, the pictures have a shadow in. It's not my big head, if any of you are wondering. It's the end of the extended lens. Will have to be more accurate with that. I'm aiming to take better pictures, but obviously it depends on where I am and what's available at the time. Especially if I'm taking pictures throughout painting a group of miniatures. I can't really run back and forth just to take the pics, or it'll take me ages to complete =P
So, until next time, where you'll see the original spider in her painted form, as well as the first cast spider, in her painted form and a spiderling swarm.

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