Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tokens for Table Top Gaming

Hello everyone. I thought I'd just share with you the various token's I have begun to make for the game. I'm making them to represent certain things that would be easier to represent on the table top than continuously write down, or try and remember.

Charge Tokens
 As you can see, they're basically symbols sculpted onto buttons, which is handy if you have any old clothes you're simply thinking of just throwing away.

Here you see the charge symbol I've done, a basic arrow, which will point in the direction your unit is charging. This will make it obvious to both players who is charging, or charged, and it just helps to relieve some of the pressure some may feel trying to remember certain aspects of their game.

Fleeing Tokens
 To be honest, I feel it's a really cool way to do it. Some people feel you need to go that extra mile and buy really cool looking things, designed spectacularly, or not use anything at all. But people should remember that the game is there to have fun with. Something like this can help save you money, especially if you're planning on buying models that month.

One of the Re-animation Tokens
I have a ton of things I want to make into tokens, so that I can tell by a glance what's happening, and here's my own solution. It may not be what's wanted by everyone, but for me, it does the job, and that's all I can ask for.

What I've done here, as well, is use big buttons for those things that affect a whole unit, whilst smaller buttons will be those things that affects a single model. That way, I have more leeway when playing as well, because I can put more buttons down within a squad if they're smaller.


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    1. Thanks Luca, I'm still thinking if I should give them a paint or leave them looking natural like that.

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    1. Thanks Simon. Haven't been able to do anymore yet unfortunately, but hopefully I will at some point get round to it