Sunday, 8 September 2013

Spider Sculpts Painted

So, I was previously on about casting some spiders to add to the Goblin Army (still trying to think of a kingdom name for them, as I don't want them know as ... The Goblin Army... so terrifying haha), and how the original would go into another force, whilst the other's would go with the Goblins.

After a couple of days of work and breaks to do other miniatures, here are the first ones completed. I'm really pleased with these, despite them not being A-Grade sculpts or casts. I'm a learning guy after all, and with time things will improve as long as I put the effort in.

So, lets have a look at the adult version of the Goblin's ally spider. Not sure on the species name yet, but all things come with time. I painted it black, as I always think that gives the best contrast comparison.

I actually originally had the black widow in mind, but decided on a basic design patter on the two segments of the spiders body. I opted for a yellow outer layer, with red in, as not only do they contrast well with black, but they really complement one another, whilst still able to catch your eye  individually as well.

The spiderling swarm was a real pain. After trying to make the spiders with wire legs, the three biggest spiderlings, I then opted to simply sculpt them straight onto the base. I think both things go well together really, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

This spider is possibly going to be the last of her species. If not, then I'll only make one spiderling swarm to be with her. She is friend of Ritzel, Lord of Nature (Elf Mage), and can be summoned into his unit.
To me, she looks the most spider like out of the bunch, which is something I'll need to work on with casts to come. I also need to get a small drill, so that I'm not filling a hole into the body to insert wire. It's long, and it's hard on the fingers.
I added hair to him, but also wanted to leave balding patches on his rump, just to really show up the blue skin really. Her legs are bare, black skin with blue patterns in. I really like that, as originally it seemed to sudden of a change from blue to black without those little added patterns.
Finally, just to show you that I even made the bases, here they are unpainted. The green one is obviously the original, and the white is the cast one. Unfortunately, still a lot of things to work on with casting, as you can see a giant mould line, but there were a lot of air bubbles in it as well. Next time, I'll need to sand it down properly as well.
So, there's my lovely crawlies for today. Can't wait to have a few more cast and painted, making a lovely spider unit. It'll be fun to see them on the battlefield, as they'll also be given several abilities that can be key for Goblin victory where the Goblin Warrior's may fail. Saying that, me and Jade had another game yesterday.
Once more I played Goblins, whilst she was Elves. We're trying to test out which force she'd feel better playing as. Next game will be Murex versus Elves. Goblin's really held their own against the Elves, though obviously we were getting whittled away. That, and the fact that I totally forgot about Counter Strikes, so there was a possibility more of my guys could have been sliced clean through. (Remembering my own rules would be quite helpful, aye?)
I'll also bring Shadow beings into play at some point, but there's not enough of them for even a skirmish game really currently. Anyway, talk to you again next time, where I may reveal a new dwarf sculpt, that I'm changing one of my other Captain sculpts for.