Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I'm back! Here's What's New

Welcome back to Table Top Revolution. It's been some time since I last managed to get a post up, but I have been working hard on my miniatures in the mean time, so I do have a bit to show over the coming days, thankfully.
 First up, my Dwarf Warriors, or Zragga Warriors. I decided that it was just going to be too costly to buy more Khazad Guard to convert to Zragga Warriors, and decided to change them to Zragga Guards instead, whilst using the Dwarf Warriors as Zragga Warriors.

As you can see, I've made just a few changes to the previously shown miniatures, clipping their axe heads off and using green stuff to make mace heads. I've also painted on the Z symbol on their shield faces, which is a feature all Zragga Warriors have to paint on themselves, allowing for individuality and a personal touch within the ranks. After all, it's not Zragga that makes the Dwarf, but the Dwarf that makes Zragga.

Next is the Zragga Archers. You'll be able to notice that I situated their captain's at the forefront of their units.

I'm really pleased about the colour scheme I chose for my dwarf army. I think it really allows them to shine. I tried to add some more skin tones in to my dwarves, as I just wanted some diversability in this aspect.

Two shades of pink and one shade of brown.

 I totally forgot about skin tones when I moved onto the next unit however, but theirs still two tones of pink. I decided I'd leave these guys with their axes, due to the fact that I'll be leaving the Dwarves of Erebor with their spears. So I thought it would be cool to have a couple of units who have a different range of weapons, though they will be weaker than the Zragga Warriors.

I've got big plans for the miniatures that are still awaiting assembly in their boxes. They'll have to wait for some time longer though, as we're aiming to move soon (again, more on that on Nathan's Fiction Sphere), so I'm trying not to make any more things for me to have to pack and potentially be broken when moving.

Who do we spy here? Well, as you know, I've been working on a spider miniature. There he is, though he's actually been modified a bit more and is now in the midst of being painted. I learnt quite a bit about sculpting with this model. This is certainly true when it comes to adding pieces together, such as the legs onto the body. Because I don't have a small drill, I couldn't insert any wire into this to make it easier for me to assemble. So using putty to attach the legs was quite the task.
In the end, I made it, and quite like it. I also really like how the spider cast (to be shown in the next post) came out. It allows for a variety of unique spiders, though this original sculpt is destined to be on opposing forces to his spider brethren.
You can also see the start of my Velocity figure. Yes, I'm finally making progress with this. Perfect time to as well, as I'm coming toward my invisible deadline. I really want a model finished by the time that the second issue of Revolution comes out. That would be perfect.
But enough of that, as you'll learn more about it in the first issue. Remember, I'm aiming to have the first issue ready for the 1st of January 2014. I know it may seem a long way off, but to make sure that the online magazine is as good as I can get it, and filled with interesting stuff, I feel I need that amount of time. I'm still working on just the layout currently, though I believe it's basically done for certain sections.
My main issue with the magazine is what will be in it. I've already got a list down, but I'm not sure if it is the final list. At the same time, I would need to find people willing to let me put images of their miniatures in the magazine, when showing my months favourite miniatures, as I don't want the magazine to just be stuck with only my painting style and miniature selections. At the same time, I wouldn't be limited to just showing 40K, LoTRs, Warhammer, etc, as this magazine isn't about those. It's about miniatures in general really, mainly my games, Zenith & Velocity, but miniatures in general.
So, I'm looking forward to having it done. It's always great to have something you've worked on determinedly, done.
Oh, I was reading White Dwarf yesterday... came late... and I noticed they used the name Deathshroud... that was what I was going to rename the Goblin Prowlers in my version of game... Well, until I decided on Death (...surprise...) =P Oh... laptop doesn't want to tell you. You'll have to wait and see aye.


  1. Your Dwarf force is coming along nicely. Colour scheme is looking good and I quite like the Maces you added as well makes them more unique.

    Spider looks good. Can't wait to see him with a lick of paint as well as his brethren.

    1. Yeah, they are steadily getting there. The spiders are up now.

      Thanks for commenting