Thursday, 26 September 2013

I start on my Velocity Character

Hello again guys. Well, I don't think I've mentioned it recently, but remember I was on about my sports game, Velocity? Well, I've finally gotten somewhere with the model sculpt. Here it is, thus far. I don't think this is my best work, as not only is it not smooth, there's no folds in the clothing, or shape to the actual body beneath the clothes.

 It's quite basic, but a start is a start, and that's what I have here. As you can see, the wires for the arms are still out and about, and the arms is the least done thing... well, bar the head that is none existent currently. But hopefully it will turn out better than I think. It's certainly going to be a learning curve for Velocity.

With my new dwarf sculpt done, and ready to be painted, I decided to test out a colour scheme for the hammer he wields. I really wanted him to be the only one in the army to have something that is of a different colour theme, and decided on doing the pole of the hammer in my fav colour, red. Here's the example I've done, and I quite like it. I'm not sure if I'll definitely do it though, but as before, still have some time to think.
What are your thoughts on this?


  1. good start and good choice of color.
    go on and keep us updated!

    1. Thanks. I can't wait to get the minis out the box and get some finished. Just haven't got the shelving and that sorted yet