Sunday, 15 September 2013

A new Dwarf Captain rises

For a while now I've been working on my dwarves, and thinking, the original model I sculpted to lead my squad of Volucris (Grim Hammers), would not really tie in with his troops once painted. I wasn't too happy about this, and I struggled with the idea of re-modelling him, as I did actually quite like the model.

So first, here's the five dwarves I've created since starting my Zenith project. They're in order of creation, female dwarf being the oldest of them.
If anyone is wondering, I didn't mean to make the boobs so big. Being my first sculpt, well, humanoid sculpt, I was rubbish with proportions. She actually got a slight make over recently after we moved, as her previous weapon was a two handed sword, but her pose was terrible. I did away with that sword, gave her a shield and scimitar, allowing her to now become a Captain of a Zragga Warrior unit.
Ah, this was a good improvement in sculpting here. My King Zrael model features chainmail, a waist coat, and a lovely pony tail that I'm still proud of. Being the leader of my dwarves, I was really happy to have been able to sculpt this guy, despite his arms being relative failures. I'm thinking of cutting the end off his war pick and turning it into a war mace, to represent the chosen weapon of this kingdom of dwarves.
Here's where my sculpting took a slight turn for the worst. I don't know what happened, but this model didn't turn out that great. Hell, he didn't even have a beard until yesterday. But you know, I still am proud to have him lead another unit, so lets swiftly move on.

Here was my best sculpt, or so I thought. I loved how he was swinging his hammer, and his hair and beard were two of my favourite features. I even got a good nose and some bushy eyebrows on him. This model is where I first truly tried to add the folds into clothing, as well as trying to put two different pieces of armour on. You can see that satchels and a dagger have just recently been added. In fact, it was yesterday. I'm still proud of this model, as he stands at the beginning of a slope, swinging to strike down some unseen foe.


A few days ago, I decided I would sculpt a new model for the squad. I wanted this model to fit in with the members of his squad when painted, so now I needed to actually make him with some armour that could be given edging, etc, as the previous model wore more chainmail type clothing, as shown with the previous mace wielder.

After allowing my ideas to brew for a while, I managed to sculpt the model above. I really love how he's turned out. I kept the hammer, as well as the swinging motion idea that the original had, whilst also going for a similar approach for the face and hair. However, as you can see, he wears better armour, as well as an armour skirt that has the Zragga emblem engraved in the front section.

Two of my favourite features on this model is the chainmail hood at the back that has two braided tails of hair falling over it. If you look closely, you can see the metal rings in it.

This guy has got to be my most prized sculpt yet. Now all that is left is to paint him. Concerning a topic I took part in in a community, what skin tone do you think I should paint him? I have mainly done the usual pink fleshy skin tone on my dwarves, though of late I have added three chocolate toned dwarves into the mix. I'm thinking of doing this guy as the chocolate skinned guy in his unit, but am still unsure.

As I won't get to paint him until a while after I move, I have plenty of time to think about it. What are your thoughts?