Thursday, 26 September 2013

I start on my Velocity Character

Hello again guys. Well, I don't think I've mentioned it recently, but remember I was on about my sports game, Velocity? Well, I've finally gotten somewhere with the model sculpt. Here it is, thus far. I don't think this is my best work, as not only is it not smooth, there's no folds in the clothing, or shape to the actual body beneath the clothes.

 It's quite basic, but a start is a start, and that's what I have here. As you can see, the wires for the arms are still out and about, and the arms is the least done thing... well, bar the head that is none existent currently. But hopefully it will turn out better than I think. It's certainly going to be a learning curve for Velocity.

With my new dwarf sculpt done, and ready to be painted, I decided to test out a colour scheme for the hammer he wields. I really wanted him to be the only one in the army to have something that is of a different colour theme, and decided on doing the pole of the hammer in my fav colour, red. Here's the example I've done, and I quite like it. I'm not sure if I'll definitely do it though, but as before, still have some time to think.
What are your thoughts on this?

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tokens for Table Top Gaming

Hello everyone. I thought I'd just share with you the various token's I have begun to make for the game. I'm making them to represent certain things that would be easier to represent on the table top than continuously write down, or try and remember.

Charge Tokens
 As you can see, they're basically symbols sculpted onto buttons, which is handy if you have any old clothes you're simply thinking of just throwing away.

Here you see the charge symbol I've done, a basic arrow, which will point in the direction your unit is charging. This will make it obvious to both players who is charging, or charged, and it just helps to relieve some of the pressure some may feel trying to remember certain aspects of their game.

Fleeing Tokens
 To be honest, I feel it's a really cool way to do it. Some people feel you need to go that extra mile and buy really cool looking things, designed spectacularly, or not use anything at all. But people should remember that the game is there to have fun with. Something like this can help save you money, especially if you're planning on buying models that month.

One of the Re-animation Tokens
I have a ton of things I want to make into tokens, so that I can tell by a glance what's happening, and here's my own solution. It may not be what's wanted by everyone, but for me, it does the job, and that's all I can ask for.

What I've done here, as well, is use big buttons for those things that affect a whole unit, whilst smaller buttons will be those things that affects a single model. That way, I have more leeway when playing as well, because I can put more buttons down within a squad if they're smaller.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

A new Dwarf Captain rises

For a while now I've been working on my dwarves, and thinking, the original model I sculpted to lead my squad of Volucris (Grim Hammers), would not really tie in with his troops once painted. I wasn't too happy about this, and I struggled with the idea of re-modelling him, as I did actually quite like the model.

So first, here's the five dwarves I've created since starting my Zenith project. They're in order of creation, female dwarf being the oldest of them.
If anyone is wondering, I didn't mean to make the boobs so big. Being my first sculpt, well, humanoid sculpt, I was rubbish with proportions. She actually got a slight make over recently after we moved, as her previous weapon was a two handed sword, but her pose was terrible. I did away with that sword, gave her a shield and scimitar, allowing her to now become a Captain of a Zragga Warrior unit.
Ah, this was a good improvement in sculpting here. My King Zrael model features chainmail, a waist coat, and a lovely pony tail that I'm still proud of. Being the leader of my dwarves, I was really happy to have been able to sculpt this guy, despite his arms being relative failures. I'm thinking of cutting the end off his war pick and turning it into a war mace, to represent the chosen weapon of this kingdom of dwarves.
Here's where my sculpting took a slight turn for the worst. I don't know what happened, but this model didn't turn out that great. Hell, he didn't even have a beard until yesterday. But you know, I still am proud to have him lead another unit, so lets swiftly move on.

Here was my best sculpt, or so I thought. I loved how he was swinging his hammer, and his hair and beard were two of my favourite features. I even got a good nose and some bushy eyebrows on him. This model is where I first truly tried to add the folds into clothing, as well as trying to put two different pieces of armour on. You can see that satchels and a dagger have just recently been added. In fact, it was yesterday. I'm still proud of this model, as he stands at the beginning of a slope, swinging to strike down some unseen foe.


A few days ago, I decided I would sculpt a new model for the squad. I wanted this model to fit in with the members of his squad when painted, so now I needed to actually make him with some armour that could be given edging, etc, as the previous model wore more chainmail type clothing, as shown with the previous mace wielder.

After allowing my ideas to brew for a while, I managed to sculpt the model above. I really love how he's turned out. I kept the hammer, as well as the swinging motion idea that the original had, whilst also going for a similar approach for the face and hair. However, as you can see, he wears better armour, as well as an armour skirt that has the Zragga emblem engraved in the front section.

Two of my favourite features on this model is the chainmail hood at the back that has two braided tails of hair falling over it. If you look closely, you can see the metal rings in it.

This guy has got to be my most prized sculpt yet. Now all that is left is to paint him. Concerning a topic I took part in in a community, what skin tone do you think I should paint him? I have mainly done the usual pink fleshy skin tone on my dwarves, though of late I have added three chocolate toned dwarves into the mix. I'm thinking of doing this guy as the chocolate skinned guy in his unit, but am still unsure.

As I won't get to paint him until a while after I move, I have plenty of time to think about it. What are your thoughts?

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Moving Soon Implications

So, hello everyone.

I just wanted to pre-warn you that I'm not going to be posting anything over the next few weeks... well, I have scheduled some posts, so they will go up, but I won't be able to make any more once those run out.

If you don't see any posts for the rest of September... scheduling seems to have failed on this blog... sorry guys. If that's the case, I'll try my best to get back here as soon as to show you some of my table top experiences, etc.

Why will I not be here? Well, tomorrow we're finishing our packing. Monday we'll be cleaning out our new house. Tuesday we'll be moving in. Then we won't have any internet until maybe late this year. I think I'll have to make due with the library in that time, but that's fine. Electricity and internet for free, so who am I to complain aye?

Alright, see you guys, and hope you guys leave plenty of posts for me to enjoy reading and looking at the pictures in. Some battle reports would be extra welcome too :)

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Spider Sculpts Painted

So, I was previously on about casting some spiders to add to the Goblin Army (still trying to think of a kingdom name for them, as I don't want them know as ... The Goblin Army... so terrifying haha), and how the original would go into another force, whilst the other's would go with the Goblins.

After a couple of days of work and breaks to do other miniatures, here are the first ones completed. I'm really pleased with these, despite them not being A-Grade sculpts or casts. I'm a learning guy after all, and with time things will improve as long as I put the effort in.

So, lets have a look at the adult version of the Goblin's ally spider. Not sure on the species name yet, but all things come with time. I painted it black, as I always think that gives the best contrast comparison.

I actually originally had the black widow in mind, but decided on a basic design patter on the two segments of the spiders body. I opted for a yellow outer layer, with red in, as not only do they contrast well with black, but they really complement one another, whilst still able to catch your eye  individually as well.

The spiderling swarm was a real pain. After trying to make the spiders with wire legs, the three biggest spiderlings, I then opted to simply sculpt them straight onto the base. I think both things go well together really, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

This spider is possibly going to be the last of her species. If not, then I'll only make one spiderling swarm to be with her. She is friend of Ritzel, Lord of Nature (Elf Mage), and can be summoned into his unit.
To me, she looks the most spider like out of the bunch, which is something I'll need to work on with casts to come. I also need to get a small drill, so that I'm not filling a hole into the body to insert wire. It's long, and it's hard on the fingers.
I added hair to him, but also wanted to leave balding patches on his rump, just to really show up the blue skin really. Her legs are bare, black skin with blue patterns in. I really like that, as originally it seemed to sudden of a change from blue to black without those little added patterns.
Finally, just to show you that I even made the bases, here they are unpainted. The green one is obviously the original, and the white is the cast one. Unfortunately, still a lot of things to work on with casting, as you can see a giant mould line, but there were a lot of air bubbles in it as well. Next time, I'll need to sand it down properly as well.
So, there's my lovely crawlies for today. Can't wait to have a few more cast and painted, making a lovely spider unit. It'll be fun to see them on the battlefield, as they'll also be given several abilities that can be key for Goblin victory where the Goblin Warrior's may fail. Saying that, me and Jade had another game yesterday.
Once more I played Goblins, whilst she was Elves. We're trying to test out which force she'd feel better playing as. Next game will be Murex versus Elves. Goblin's really held their own against the Elves, though obviously we were getting whittled away. That, and the fact that I totally forgot about Counter Strikes, so there was a possibility more of my guys could have been sliced clean through. (Remembering my own rules would be quite helpful, aye?)
I'll also bring Shadow beings into play at some point, but there's not enough of them for even a skirmish game really currently. Anyway, talk to you again next time, where I may reveal a new dwarf sculpt, that I'm changing one of my other Captain sculpts for.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Zragga Guards painted up

Hello, one and all, and we're here with more of what was done over my period of blogging silence. I bring you the next unit I worked on. These are the Zragga Guards who protect the king. You'll notice I haven't dry-brushed the base, or black rimmed it either. That's because I won't be doing that until the end of the remaining Dwarf Units now, I do believe.

So, enjoy the images, as this post is just really going to be a short one... well, I've actually said all what was to be said already...

As you can see, just to add a bit more words here, the pictures have a shadow in. It's not my big head, if any of you are wondering. It's the end of the extended lens. Will have to be more accurate with that. I'm aiming to take better pictures, but obviously it depends on where I am and what's available at the time. Especially if I'm taking pictures throughout painting a group of miniatures. I can't really run back and forth just to take the pics, or it'll take me ages to complete =P
So, until next time, where you'll see the original spider in her painted form, as well as the first cast spider, in her painted form and a spiderling swarm.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I'm back! Here's What's New

Welcome back to Table Top Revolution. It's been some time since I last managed to get a post up, but I have been working hard on my miniatures in the mean time, so I do have a bit to show over the coming days, thankfully.
 First up, my Dwarf Warriors, or Zragga Warriors. I decided that it was just going to be too costly to buy more Khazad Guard to convert to Zragga Warriors, and decided to change them to Zragga Guards instead, whilst using the Dwarf Warriors as Zragga Warriors.

As you can see, I've made just a few changes to the previously shown miniatures, clipping their axe heads off and using green stuff to make mace heads. I've also painted on the Z symbol on their shield faces, which is a feature all Zragga Warriors have to paint on themselves, allowing for individuality and a personal touch within the ranks. After all, it's not Zragga that makes the Dwarf, but the Dwarf that makes Zragga.

Next is the Zragga Archers. You'll be able to notice that I situated their captain's at the forefront of their units.

I'm really pleased about the colour scheme I chose for my dwarf army. I think it really allows them to shine. I tried to add some more skin tones in to my dwarves, as I just wanted some diversability in this aspect.

Two shades of pink and one shade of brown.

 I totally forgot about skin tones when I moved onto the next unit however, but theirs still two tones of pink. I decided I'd leave these guys with their axes, due to the fact that I'll be leaving the Dwarves of Erebor with their spears. So I thought it would be cool to have a couple of units who have a different range of weapons, though they will be weaker than the Zragga Warriors.

I've got big plans for the miniatures that are still awaiting assembly in their boxes. They'll have to wait for some time longer though, as we're aiming to move soon (again, more on that on Nathan's Fiction Sphere), so I'm trying not to make any more things for me to have to pack and potentially be broken when moving.

Who do we spy here? Well, as you know, I've been working on a spider miniature. There he is, though he's actually been modified a bit more and is now in the midst of being painted. I learnt quite a bit about sculpting with this model. This is certainly true when it comes to adding pieces together, such as the legs onto the body. Because I don't have a small drill, I couldn't insert any wire into this to make it easier for me to assemble. So using putty to attach the legs was quite the task.
In the end, I made it, and quite like it. I also really like how the spider cast (to be shown in the next post) came out. It allows for a variety of unique spiders, though this original sculpt is destined to be on opposing forces to his spider brethren.
You can also see the start of my Velocity figure. Yes, I'm finally making progress with this. Perfect time to as well, as I'm coming toward my invisible deadline. I really want a model finished by the time that the second issue of Revolution comes out. That would be perfect.
But enough of that, as you'll learn more about it in the first issue. Remember, I'm aiming to have the first issue ready for the 1st of January 2014. I know it may seem a long way off, but to make sure that the online magazine is as good as I can get it, and filled with interesting stuff, I feel I need that amount of time. I'm still working on just the layout currently, though I believe it's basically done for certain sections.
My main issue with the magazine is what will be in it. I've already got a list down, but I'm not sure if it is the final list. At the same time, I would need to find people willing to let me put images of their miniatures in the magazine, when showing my months favourite miniatures, as I don't want the magazine to just be stuck with only my painting style and miniature selections. At the same time, I wouldn't be limited to just showing 40K, LoTRs, Warhammer, etc, as this magazine isn't about those. It's about miniatures in general really, mainly my games, Zenith & Velocity, but miniatures in general.
So, I'm looking forward to having it done. It's always great to have something you've worked on determinedly, done.
Oh, I was reading White Dwarf yesterday... came late... and I noticed they used the name Deathshroud... that was what I was going to rename the Goblin Prowlers in my version of game... Well, until I decided on Death (...surprise...) =P Oh... laptop doesn't want to tell you. You'll have to wait and see aye.